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My name is Martha. If we emailed enough, I'd just sign things "M." 

SHC (Shiny Happy Catholics) is the blog where I talk about all things relevant to a Catholic woman like myself: politics, theology, family life, parenting, food. I don't post as much as I'd like to, but I try to make time to write at least twice a month.

I am a 30-something homemaker, trying to find my way after a recent move from southwest Florida to Michigan. We're here because my husband, Tom, landed a great job as worship leader for a thriving, beautiful parish. Although I miss my homes state and wearing flip flops year round, I'm learning to love it. 

Trained as an attorney, I worked as the youth minister at our parish for some time and recently stepped down to enter more fully into my vocation as a wife and mother.

Daughter - Susannah aka "Zuzu" 

Our first miracle baby born in October of 2012 and full of toddler goodness. We try not to be total new parents about how wonderful we think she is, but, well, we're only human and she is pretty dang great.

Son - David aka "Davey Baby"

Our second miracle baby, born in March of 2015 and the happiest, easiest baby to ever have graced my home. He is a darling (despite his seriously large head) and if all babies slept this well, I think everyone would have a dozen.

In Memoriam: 
Our neurotic and wonderful coonhound went where the good dogs go on November 16, 2015. We all miss him very much. 

Zuzu's Godmother used to live here...but  now she's pursuing her dream job in Washington D.C.
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My mom, whom I adore, also has a blog. She's just getting started. Tell her to write more!

This is our Shiny Happy bubble.

***"Shiny Happy" is a reference to the REM song "Shiny Happy People" that has been stuck in my head now for a record of two years. If I cannot get it out of my head, then it might as well be turned into a blog title. I would also like to register my discontent with the fact that the song stuck in my head is by a band with which I have zero familiarity; I only know this song because it's featured in an opening scene of Marley and Me. So don't think I am all indie and cool with good taste in music; that's my husband.

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