Sunday, January 6, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Quick Style

This week hosted by Hallie because Jen is recovering from her hospital stay. Say some prayers for Jen! 

Today I bought a Boba. Ever tried it? I've been wanting one for a while and was SO excited to get it. I wanted plenty of time to try it out before Italy, since it's the carrier I want to take there. Zuzu has never been happy in a stroller for more than 7~ minutes, so I'm not going to bother lugging one over there.  Is baby-wearing big in Europe? If not, I'm gonna be a trend setter! 

This picture and a great review of the Boba for babies from The Art of Making a Baby

My mother and I both have 'Mary hearts.' Y'know, that book Martha Heart in a Mary World? Not us, NO SIR, we have MARY HEARTS. The proof is that I have 4+ leftover bottles of various punch ingredients sitting in my fridge and bajillions of leftovers. My mother and I both would die of embarrassment if we ever ran out of anything. 

In a fit of spontaneity, we jumped in the car and zoomed down the road to take Zuzu to the beach for the FIRST TIME!! 

Standing! (with mommy's help)

(watching the waves come in and go out) 

Daddy shows her the sunset

Zuzu received some rockin' gifts for her Baptism, but I think I liked this the most: 

Isn't that crazy? A parishoner made this just for her! She is so blessed because she is so loved! 

She also received these items: 
So cool! This is a tag on a gift bag from MY godparents, Pat and John


If you need some new tunes in your new year, check out In Living Collar by the seminarian group Sixtus! Zuzu's godfather, Fr. Joe, was in this acapella group and they are quite good! 

Running out of things to say, so tomorrow is the BCS national championship, Alabama v. Notre Dame. Since I prefer schools that don't honor President Obama and betray their Catholic heritage, I say ROLL TIDE ROLL. 

Image from He Sew Made That on Etsy!

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