Friday, December 27, 2013

A Christmas Review

I don't know what I thought Christmas would be like as I got older, but I'm pretty sure I still anticipated it being about me - being showered with gifts, mostly.

Thank goodness I grew up, and am less (please much less) selfish.

The nice thing is that now I really love Christmas in a whole new way - I love buying gifts for my family, I love making gifts now (thanks to my awesome sewing machine that I got for mother's day this year!), and I love introducing Zuzu to all the beautiful traditions, both new and old, that are dear to my heart.

Here are some highlights of our season so far: 

Her getting to wear this long sleeve RL dress. It's adorable.

Advent cleaning and organizing - making my measuring cups accessible and clearing up some much-coveted drawer space!

Laughing when we realized we didn't have enough lights to finish off the tree, and were too lazy to go get some more...luckily on Christmas Eve our neighbor noticed and gave us an extra strand

The constant destruction of the Little People Nativity set

My big Christmas gift from the hubs - this AWESOME mirror for over the piano! It's so beautiful, I can't even express how much I love it!!

Our beautiful name plaque that Jen gave us, which now hangs proudly next to our front door.

My new beach cruiser! The perfect gift from my parents; I am getting Zuzu a seat and we're going to be able to bike places together! 

And that's just what I've managed to get pictures of so far. I was blessed to be able to give gifts I truly wanted to give - I made two mothers (my mama and my MIL) table runners, which was such a fun thing to work on while I prayed for and thought of both of them. (Advent always makes me more cognizant of mothers and all the ways my life is blessed by them) I got the husband a case for his iPhone (so maybe these ones will last??), and got my dad a great tool box (that I now realize we need as well). 

But what did we get Zuzu? 


That's right - we are big meanies. But we were so overwhelmed by so many lovely gifts from all our extended family and friends, what could she need? She can barely process all the new toys as it is! By far of course, her favorite is her bay-bee: 

She got a baby doll, and a doll bed, blanket, and pillow. This is made all the more special because the doll was picked out by her GG & Aunt Sally, then the bed was made by her cousin Raf and Grampy, and GG made the pillow and blanket! Isn't that wonderful? She loves to take her baby with her, set her down, lay the blanket over her and adjust the pillow. She's truly my little mami. 

Overall, this season has started so peacefully. Christmas Day dinner was exceedingly simply (roast beast, mac n cheese, done) and the following days have been relaxing and picking up. To be honest, I don't even have our ornaments on the tree - but who cares? There are Tasha Tudor books to read to my babe, square foot gardening to dream of, ornate boxes to put my jewelry in, monogrammed bags to hold my things...

But really, there is love. There is my cozy little nest that I am still working on, filled with warmth and love. I have a home of my own, and a family to take care of. I am still so often struck with wonder and joy that this is my life! There is a rosy-cheeked baby who calls me 'mama' (very often) and a husband that calls me darling, and I couldn't ask for a thing more. 

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  1. You didn't tell about the mirror! I LOVE IT! :) So pretty!

    The name plate looks loverly.


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