Thursday, January 23, 2014

Who, ME?

Well, this blog is still chugging along somehow and one of these days I might do something with it besides having it be the most uninspiring dear-diary ever.

BUT - someone thought it was worth something, and nominated THIS BLOG for a Sheenazing Award in the 'Smartest Blog' category!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

(the exclamation points alone prove that I am not worthy)

But if you happen to agree (get your head checked if so), then I'd be ever-so-tickled if you'd vote for moi. My competition is stiff - really, really stiff. I mean, The Anchoress? Seriously? Isn't she already in a category all her own?? And Little Catholic Bubble is basically an online theology textbook! Not to mention - how can I compete with the blog of the Washington Archdiocese? Can I be a pro-soccer player and cry, not fair!? So you might change your mind when you get there, but nevertheless, I am thrilled to be nominated and this will fuel my deluded dreams that people are reading me and that I should endeavor on in my attempts at artistic genius meaningful communication!

Thanks to all of you for reading, and whoever you are who nominated me - thanks so much! I'm tickled!

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