Saturday, August 22, 2015

Brand New.

If you're reading this in any kind of blog reader I'm begging - no really, begging! - you to click through to my blog. Even better if it's on a computer, not a phone.

That way you can see my fancy new blog design, courtesy of the incredibly patient, incredibly talented Rebekah Louise. We have been working on this since, oh, the end of May and she has put up with every delay, every quibble, every search for the perfect font. Turns out, I'm kind of picky about how I want things to look in this virtual space, if I'm given the option. 

So, make yourself at home here. I'm still working on updating all the tabs and re-labeling posts to show up correctly, etc. etc. 

But it's nice to have someplace tidy and neat - even if it is only my virtual home.


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