Nursing my children was an aspect of motherhood I always looked forward to with great longing! The archetypal photo of a nursing mother, peaceful in a rocking chair, sleeping infant at the breast appealed to all my gauzy, romantic notions of mothering. I sometimes wish I had also been shown a picture of a sweatpant-clad woman side lie nursing in bed, while her husband clings to the edge with only a scrap of blanket (and sanity). Perhaps this would have tempered gauzy dreams; perhaps not.

Yet I have experienced my share of romantic moments with my two children: times when they look up at me, and I gaze at them and thank God for my body that works so well in nourishing them. I am, at present, still nursing my two-almost-three year old along with my infant.

The following resources have sustained and helped me:

Kelly Mom for all questions breastfeeding related
Alpha Mom for the most invaluable Timeline of a Breastfed Baby
The Leaky Boob Community Facebook Group is a closed group of some of the most helpful women I have ever met - if you're interested, I can request they add you
This post by Auntie Leila on nursing the baby

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