Monday, October 24, 2011

Momma's Got a Brand New Blog

Oh love/hate relationship with you has begun again. I have no clue how I will keep up with this, considering I have no internet at home and my computer spontanously hates Tom's free work internet, but I will try and I will try a lot- and those are the only promises I can make. Well maybe not the only ones...

Dear Blog, I promise to try to post to you in good times and in bad; to not to post lies or half-truths, unless I'm protecting the names of the innocent or my husband's privacy (the rest of you have no privacy on here #Imkiddingbutimnotkidding); to try to make it interesting; to be vaguely relevant and intelligent; and to use God's gifts to the best of my ability.

However, dear Blog, I also provide you a preblogial agreement, that states in part, that I have the right to use my personal life and other people's behavior to me as material for this blog, even when other people wish I wouldn't (although this will be tempered with a large dose of prudence, and hopefully a great deal of respect). I also have the right to discuss issues that some people might consider objectionable, too personal, bigoted (i.e. what Catholics believe, since apparently our belief structure is now a hate crime #soapbox), and to use hashtags as if this were twitter because now I'm addicted to them as a literary structure. #dontjudge

With all of those little issues out of the way, I proudly take you to be my Blog, for as long as my time constraints and internet access allows.  In the name of Blogger, Gmail, and Smartphones, Amen.


Comments make me feel like I'm not just talking to myself or the government (because I know the government secretly reads my blog). Help me feel less crazy - comment away!