Friday, October 28, 2011

Can't Go Home (Again)

Well coming back to DC was just as weird as I didn't know it would be. Coming back to a place and finding both it and you changed is upsetting; I wanted it to remain just the same as always and myself with it.

Last night we did some praise and worship Adoration plus Mass at my alma mater, Marymount University in Arlington, VA. It was so odd to see what had changed, including a whole new building!, and to see all the new faces. Of course it's been four years since I graduated, so even the freshmen I knew are gone, but I guess I just expected to see someone I knew. Coming back to the chapel where I first received the sacraments was so beautiful; it was there I prayed endless, asking God about his plans for me, where I would end up, what would happen with my life. I had no idea where I would end up or how, but he led me. And now that I'm looking forward again thinking, what now?, it is a good reminder that once again, he will lead me.

Tom and I had a meeting with one of CUA's deans today to see about finishing up our respective degrees. Tom had been working towards an S.T.B. while in seminary, while I was working towards an MA in Moral Theology and Ethics. We both have a great deal of coursework left, but they have no long distance program - so what are we to do? Well we're hoping that we can take classes at Ave Maria University (just 45 min away!) and transfer them in to cover what we haven't finished. We shall see...

Later on we're headed to St. Anthony of Padua parish in DC for a night of praise and worship with some Franciscan brothers, which I am really looking forward to.  We've been hoping to get some p&w meetings started in Naples and maybe tonight the Lord will really speak to me about his desire (or not) for that to happen.

Pray for Tom; he's dealing with allergies.

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