Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Attempts at Sainthood are Constantly Thwarted

I had an entire post by this name written out and I like to think it was pretty good. Unfortunately, my mother's computer lost the whole thing, resulting in howls of fury and anger.

Instead, I will report to you all how I have seen 3+ posts from friends about getting their Christmas cards in order. I am not kidding. These are people who have not only had pictures taken, but then also ordered Christmas cards, had them arrive, and are now addressing them. Am I really so far behind? As a single woman, I  never really did Christmas cards. Heck I barely do Christmas presents as most of my friends can attest! But now that I'm married, I feel I should do Christmas cards and now all of my friends are (as usual) showing me up. And since I even care that they are showing me up, it shows just how far to holiness I have to go.

The fact is, I have noticed in myself lately a not-so-latent selfishness that pervades far too many thoughts for my comfort. I can no longer say I am at the point where I do not feel the promptings of the Holy Spirit or where I do not notice my sins; now I feel and see, but I am not responding. There is a spiritual laziness that, when combined with my idealistic aspirations, often results in outright misery when I realize how far away from being holy I am and how desperately much I want to be closer.

So as the season of thanks is coming on, and Advent is approaching, please pray for me my friends - that I will renounce my spiritual laziness and allow myself to be consumed with the spirit of the Living God.

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