Friday, July 27, 2012

7 Quick Takes, Vol....I Don't Know

I'm back! It's a miracle of science! I'm back to my happy, shiny self now that I have found out that there is life after the Bar. So what am I waiting for? Lets quickly take 7!

The Bar exam was really hard. Florida is billed as one of the top three hardest bars in the nation and it delivered. I don't find out if I pass for a few months, and if I fail, it'll really suck because I told everyone I was taking it - so then I'll have to tell everyone I failed it. Ugh. I wouldn't be surprised if I did fail though; like I said, it was REALLY hard.  

Life after the Bar is thus far very surreal. I didn't realize just how much of my mental space that test was taking up until we got home yesterday - and I got pretty sick. In undergrad, every time finals were over, I'd get sick when I got home - like my body had been holding off until it knew it could relax. Same phenomenon? Mebbe so. But it's mucho sucktastic while preggers!! I slept from the time we got home till 8pm, then back to bed at 11pm. I'm better today, but whoa - stress freaks a body out. 

This summer has felt like an explosion of awesome on the net! Three amazing websites launched that I hope you're checking out. For those of you who are using NFP or FAM, please check out - it's a great new website directed towards helping those who are using this method of birth control! 

Please also check out Great Sexpectations - which I plugged last time - and the ever-wonderful,, which is a non-religious site explaining why sex au natural is le best. All of these sites leave me very encouraged about the fact that we can talk about these things finally: using NFP or FAM, demanding real healthcare for women - these things aren't about religion. They're about women no longer being second class citizens, about no doctor saying "your system is too complicated, so I'll just medicate because I don't have a clue what's wrong." We should be beyond that by now.  

Before I get all "fearfully and wonderfully made" on you, let me say that as much as I am so excited to be having a baby, I'm not that nutty about pregnancy. This no-smoking (the occasional cigar, don't freak out), no liquor-drinking (sorry an occasional beer just isn't the same as my nightly gin and tonic), and constant peeing is just the PITS. Obviously, I bear these things with the dignity and patience of a saint, but in reality, I'm just a selfish alcoholic! 

I want to dive right back into real life now that the Bar is over, but I sort of feel stalled. What to do first? I have neglected so much! So my mind starts racing with all the things I haven't done in months: I should clean, call friends, go to girls night out, organize the nursery, pick out a baby name, take a shower! It's just too much. I have thus far enjoyed two very length law and order marathons with Mr. Oram and watched one very disturbing movie (Fargo - I loved it). I see a pattern starting that is not good for my productivity. 

In reality, this should get it's entire post, but let me say it here: Mr. Oram is amazing. I fall more in love every single day, and this period of purgatory that was Bar studying was no different. My husband - who could previously be described as domestically challenged - handled all the laundry, dishes, cleaning, taking care of the dog, etc. for the entire time I was studying, while continuing to work his full time job. On top of that, he was kind, supportive, and cheerful while I whined my way through months of oppressive studying. (#firstworldproblems) He rubbed my feet and back when they ached, held me while I cried from exhaustion, and made sure I stayed hydrated and fed. His sacrifice and constant self-gift were such an incredible concrete example to me of his love and dedication. I'm grateful beyond belief! 

Hubs and I are considering moving. The neighborhood is sort of well, going downhill. When we bought our house, our little 6-house neighborhood was occupied mostly by the sweet elderly. Several have moved and now we have a neighborhood mostly occupied by those carrying the cross of addiction. The late night partying, domestic incidents, and heavy traffic is very worrying. Mr. O and I both grew up in sleepy suburbs where the loudest noise at night was a dog barking - we always wanted the same for our family. So we'll pray and wait and look...maybe this time next year we'll be in a new place, considering it took us at least 6 months to find this place and that was before I got really picky! 

   So happy to be back - go see Jen at Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes! 


  1. 1. Seriously, can we please live closer to each other so we can be friends in real life? Gin and tonics and Catholic conversation? Yes please.

    2. Thanks for the plug for the blog! You rock!

    1. 1. YES friends here don't drink enough. (I'm kidding, Naples gals, you all drink an appropriate amount!)

      2. I'm sorry I'm such a crappy contributor!!


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