Sunday, July 22, 2012

I'm Back (But Not Really)

I should've done 7 quick takes this week, but I didn't! So instead we'll call this:

5 Random Things Before the Bar Exam 

The Bar exam is this Tuesday and Wednesday and that's why I have been non-existant. But you'll be glad to know I've used this value study time to make this: 

Even sadder is that this was the highlight of my week. I know, I should say Mass or Confession was, but those moments didn't make me laugh/cry till I felt the hope seeping back into my bones. 

I'm going to stop talking about sex on here because a) it generates creepy spam commenters, and b) there now exists Great Sexpectations, which is an awesome website for Catholics where I can discuss all this stuff. I haven't written for them yet, but it's on my list of things to do once I have a life finish the bar exam. 

Apparently, I study best not to lovely classy classical music but to Rhiana (sp? who is this person?) "Only Girl (in the World)." I hate my dumb taste in music. 

To date, I have cried in public 3x while studying for the Bar Exam. Panera, the library, and Books a Million. If you could my car, it's 4. If you could my driveway while getting the mail, it's 5. Lets just stop counting, it's dumb. 

The baby still doesn't have a name. My sister calls her Sweet Baby O, but I call her Kickypants. Since I  call our dog Lickypants (he has issues), I think it works. My mom insists I get a real name soon. Sometimes I panic that this is causing psychological issues for her in utero and then I realize that hello, I'm her mother - she's guaranteed to have issues, lets just hope they're fun ones!! 

I'll talk you all soon PROMISE. 

PS None of my 5 things had anything to do with current events because y'all know what I'd say anyway: Chik Fil A is delicious so don't pretend you'll boycott, if you try to control my guns I'll shoot you, and congrats Penn State you'll be called Pedo State FOREVER so keep defending your horrible football program (ROLL TIDE). 


  1. Prayers for your bar exam! That's a lot of stress, but all that studying must pay off!

    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement!! I'm so glad it's over!!

  2. Good luck with the bar exam this week!!

    1. thank you! I think it went...well...uh, at least it's over! :)


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