Saturday, June 16, 2012

7 Quick Takes, Vol. 3!

I am supposed to be concentrating on the Bar. I keep telling myself every time something new pops into my head, "worry about that after July. Worry about that after July." This is successful 85% of the time. Today it lost big time. Have you ever been to Orient Expressed? No, no - not that tacky party/wedding store! It's a children's clothing store out of New Orleans and nearly everything on there makes me swoon. Today I caught myself pleading, "shouldn't she have everything beautiful in the world?" to both my mother AND Mr. Oram. Oy vey.

Is there such a thing as too friendly? Today a gal next to me in Confession asked a question about something and mentioned she was new in town. I asked where she'd come from, and found out her husband is in law school down here. Well, then I decided she was my new best friend and proceeded to chat with her about law, St. John's, Naples, everything. I don't think she appreciated this in line for Confession...but newly married, new-to-town people need friends, amiright? Anyway, lets hope I didn't drive her away from the parish forever. 

I bit the bullet and went to see "For Greater Glory" last night. HOLY MOLY, that film was legit! Seriously, it was an awesome movie and I don't say that very often. Way better than most of the Christian crap they try to call movies, that's really just preaching to the converted set to bad music. Not this one! There's a real story, fabulous acting, good musical score (thanks James Horner), and great characters. I genuinely enjoyed this film, though I cried from beginning to the end, because I could not believe that such atrocities were committed in such recent history against my people. It is a chilling reminder: our freedoms are precious and we must protect them. 

Fr. Francisco Vera, murdered for being a priest in Mexico, 1927

Baby Girl Oram is nameless and it's KILLING ME. I want to drop everything to come up with a name!  I feel so bad just saying "good morning, baby!" or "good kick, baby!" I want to say her name. But I do not have one. I think we have might have to come up with a list and then pick when we see her - because although I love the name Josephine, I would never give it to a redhead! Isn't that funny? I just want to see her to know if it's her name...but my mom keeps pointing out that then we can't monogram ANYTHING until after she's born. The horror! #firstworlproblems for sure 

How was this week for you, spiritually? I certainly hope it was better for you than it was for me. I am leading the teens on a retreat in West Palm Beach next weekend, and Satan knows it! That dude has been GUNNING for me all week and I have been naively walking into every trap. Laziness? Sure! Self-pity? Well, why the hell not! Forget to pray? Darn tootin.' All the things that I really should not be doing before a retreat. So do me a favor and pray for me and the teens who are preparing for this retreat. It shows every promise of being wonderful, if I only I get out of God's way and cooperate with His Holy Spirit! 

It's summer, which is usually my favorite season, even in Florida. I love bright nail polish, days that last forever, and smelling like sunscreen. It's bit harder to get into while preggo, honestly. I find myself wanting new shoes and new jewelry, to try new makeup and get more maternity clothes. But I know that's just not in the budget right now - we need to be saving for house repairs and Lil' Missy Miss. Unfortunately, I seem to only have two speeds: putting in effort and therefore, looking cute and forgetting God gave me a body and looking like butt, erm, yeah butt. So maybe I should fix that, before my husband forgets what my hair looks like washed. 

I eat the same amount, or less, than I did before I was pregnant and I've only gained a pound. This makes me feel oddly proud of my body: recognizing "yes, we are growing a baby, but don't worry - we had TONS of fuel stored for precisely this emergency! we'll just use the stores we have!" I have other friends that are pregnant right now, either farther along or at the same place, and they have gained weight -but  most of them were pretty in shape before they got pregnant. I am actually starting to feel better about myself because I feel like "listening to my body" (gag me, I just said something super lame) is actually working. Usually if I listened to my body, I'd have to be crane lifted out of my house 6 months later (headline: MIDGET GIRL REACHES WEIGHT OF BABY KILLER WHALE). 

Aaah so cute! But in real life, they weigh 3.5 tons and kill everything (whales, not least, not my baby - your baby could be crazy for all I know) 


  1. Monogram? I have two boys. It's just way easier to not monogram so I can pass things down easier.

    As for names, we don't announce names until after the birth. That way we don't get comments like "that's my dogs name!" or "oh, that's different." or "I don't like that name."

    My mother did not like my oldest's name at first (thankfully I didn't tell her until he was born), but she's gotten over it.

    We name our kids from family members/ saints. My oldest is named from both my grandfather and my husband's grandfather and my youngest is named after the middle name of my dad and my FIL (although a little different since my FIL's middle name is Lee which makes things sound like adverbs we changed it to Leo).

    My husband and the boys' middle names also have animal meanings Leo- Lion.

    Yeah, I think waaaayyy to much about names. But they are special and meant to last their whole life so I put a lot of thought into it so they'll appreciate that later in life (even if other people hate the name).

    1. Monograms do make wearing hand-me-downs more difficult, but in my family, it's tradition. Each child's baby box contains certain pieces of their clothing that are monogrammed with their name - usually these are passed down to their children, who are named with the same initials. I think that's why my mom is so excited about this - my married initials are now the same as my maternal grandmother's were! So the possibility to have children w/ similar monograms as some other family members has greatly increased.

      I'm a pretty big overthinker of names too. Mr. Oram was a classics major, and I was a history major, so we both really like names with great historical significance, even if they aren't family names. I think you're right to overthink them - how meaningful for your boys when they grow up to know that you picked the name for a deeper reason than just "we liked it!"


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