Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Welcome! More About Sex!

Thanks to all my kind friends linking to my post on facebook yesterday, I got a huge jump in readership...but an inverse drop in comments. You are reading, but are silent! I understand...I can be the "phantom commenter" where I say one thing, and then dash away without subscribing to the comments or coming back to even check - just wanted to chuck my 2 cents and run!

But you might want to say something nice. And people like to read nice things. Pregnant ladies studying for the Bar love to read nice things, especially from strangers. It makes us feel like something other than hormonal freaks of nature, and distracts from our unnaturally large ankles. Just today, I had a nice older woman say to me, "you look so good! so healthy!" and I took it to me I looked trim and fit, and in the sense that I had gained enough weight so that my child could emerge clutching a driver's license and possessing a full set of adult teeth.

If I avoid enough mirrors and keep repeating what that woman said, I will convince myself I look like this...despite the fact that my maxi dresses now look like circus tents and I'm on 5.5 months

Realizing that 50 Shades might bring up a whole host of questions about sex, I wrote a rather long post yesterday on (ahem) "marital aids" (do you get what those are? No? Ok sorry, it's a nice way of saying sex toys) and the morality thereof. But then I thought, is this what my readers want? Do they want me to discuss the moral licitness of sex toys, oral sex, etc.? You let me know if that's something you would be interested in reading: some spicy Catholic sex chat, if you will. Let me be clear I always adhere to Catholic teaching and I try not to be gross, but I don't mind discussing the nitty gritty (in the personal stories here). Blogs are supposed to be interactive - I have given you full room to comment! Anonymously! Please take advantage...of asking me stuff.

I have long wanted to create a website for married Catholic couples about sex. I wanted to write articles on issues people actually have questions or struggles with, especially since I lack the ability to blush and I so enjoy reading my darling prim Mr. Oram whatever I have written, so he can cough irritably and mutter "you are something else, Mrs. Oram." (I got the award for Offending Midwestern sensibilities at pre-Cana classes!) Well anyway, this little dream looks like it's coming true - and this website being headed up by the lovely Ashley Dill over at A Dillightful Adventure! She generously invited Catholic writers to submit articles on various subjects and I naturally dropped a pastrami sandwich to do so (which at this point is a pretty big deal). So stay tuned for that because it promises to be mucho fun!

Thank you also to those of you have sent me such well-wishes about the Bar. It is definitely a dastardly beast, but I shall slay it! (and apparently, I shall do so at a Renaissance Fair!) And please keep your prayers for me coming because lets face it, I'm pretty lazy right now. Thank you!


  1. I think your drop in comments is because people comment on Facebook, under the person who posted the link, instead of directly on the blog. It's much easier to do so that way.

    Oddly enough, I have had 2 friends post 2 different blog articles about that book yesterday (urging people not to read it), when prior to this I had never even heard of it.

    1. Hm, I think you're right Amelia! A lot of online versions of newspapers and such now allow facebook to run their comments, so that a person comments right from their fb account. Probably does help people.

      I wasn't going to write about the book even after I heard about it, but I feel like my fb wall has a good bit of chat going on about it...and then I was talking to a good friend who had just been lent it! I don't usually keep up with the NYT best seller list, and it looks like that's paying off...

  2. Hey darlin, the dillightfuladventure blog is my personal/update the family blog but is the one on Catholic sex stuff! Speaking of which - would love to see a piece on the morality of "marital aids" hahaha and other such topics.

    Thanks for the shout out!


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