Thursday, February 6, 2014

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round button chicken

Trying my hand at linking up again with my favorite AUTHORS over at Like Mother, Like Daughter!

(Have you preordered their book for me yet, darling husband? Will you please?) - see aren't blogs such useful communication tools! 


We had to get my phone repaired again the other week (ahem, Zuzu) and whilst stuck downtown waiting for it to be repaired, we realized we had walked into a MLK parade and festival! How fun! We had a great time walking around Cambier Park, and Zuzu is shown here, paying her respects at the Veteran's Memorial and Fountain. 


Do you ever look through your pictures and realize…no one would know you exist judging by them?? 
We have a million pictures from Zuzu's first year, but so few of them are of the two of us! Usually I am capturing she and Daddy, or just the cuteness herself. I was very proud that Tom nabbed the camera the other day while we were eating out to celebrate Zuzu's baptism day. Proof that I exist! 

Friday is our playdate day. There's a standing one with the Catholic Mom's Group, but I also sometimes  just hang out with one of my good friends and her little one, Stella. The other week I went to the Mom's Group meeting - lots of kids, big playground, gorgeous day and what does my child do…

Beg to run away into the woods.

I hope she hasn't inherited my antisocial tendencies. I was really thinking she'd inherit her father's lovely sanguine ways.


Getting back from vacation is always daunting because I have to dive right back into work and yet there are no groceries, piles of laundry, and the like. It always makes me grumpy for a good several days because I feel overwhelmed and behind! 
When will I learn from my younger self? We built an extra two days on the backend of our honeymoon, so we wouldn't come back and jump right back into work. Why don't I do that for vacation?? Oh…because I don't HAVE those extra days anymore! 

I have about seventy five thousand blog posts in the hopper. 
Maybe one of them will see the light of day before Monday.

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  1. I'm so glad you got a picture of yourself, and here's to many more! Thanks for joining!


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