Thursday, March 13, 2014

{P - H - F - R}

Easing back into the blogging game here with a little link-up action! 

round button chicken


Zuzu has been enjoying our temperate early Spring by sporting some truly awesome headgear and playing outside with chalk and the hose nearly every day. Our next door neighbor, Macie, who is 8, comes over to play most days after school and really makes Zuzu's day! I believe it is for this reason that Zuzu says, every day when she wakes up from her afternoon nap, "Mimi?"(her name for Macie - and both of Macie's sisters, Marren and Mia). 


Things are growing in my garden! My orchid is blooming (thanks Mom - the gift that keeps on giving!), and my mint in the little pot is coming up too. Unfortunately, the last picture above shows you Zuzu picking off one of the more promising stalks. 


I put a potty seat out on the porch and have started talking to Zuzu about it, just because I need something else to do in parenting. At this point, she thinks it's a really fun chair for her to sit on and sometimes, pee next to. 
Cracks me up.


To be honest, I'm really struggling with the housekeeping part of my vocation. The above pictures are documented proof that although my child is adorable, my home is largely a disaster! Between working and getting sick three times in three months, I've gotten a little bit behind. I'm hopeful that after Confirmation this Monday, I'll get some breathing room! 


  1. Zuzu is so cute, I love that little red bow things. And, I miss Fl and being able to play outside with chalk and water in March. We are FREEZING up here.

    1. I can't even imagine parenting in colder weather - that seems so stressful to have them inside all day!!


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