Monday, June 8, 2015

Welcoming DGO to the RCC, Part III: The After Party

For preparations that I did differently that simplified my life, see here.
For the baptism liturgy itself, here

This post was delayed by an out of town trip and then everyone getting sick...this week, we'll see what VBS does to my posting spree. 

After parties are apparently soemthing that we Orams really like - we seem to have one for every major event! After the baptism (which was held in the morning for optimal toddler cooperation), everyone headed home to take naps, and I had the bright idea of meeting up at the beach in the early evening for more fun. 

And it really was. 

Father Joe borrowed Annie's (David's godmother) kayak and started paddling around...inevitably striking up a conversation with the Latino family next to us (he speaks Spanish). And then, with parental permission of course, started taking kids for rides around the you do. 

Funny story: I had been the one communicating with everyone so we could all meet up in the same place, but I guess I didn't do a great job of relaying all the information to everyone else. Tom is playing with Zuzu in the water when he sees Annie come by in her kayak. "oh my gosh!" he says, "what are the odds that you guys are here right when we are??" ...quite small, dear. 

Zuzu had tons of people to play with her, which meant I just got to sit back and enjoy. 

Then we got to see the sunset on our merry band. We didn't want to leave, but we're all a bit too old (or young) to sleep on the beach I think.

We gave the babies their last salty cuddles before tucking them in and heading out. Salt, sand, and chrism - not many combos better than that.

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