Monday, April 16, 2012

The Appearance of Jesus

In the accounts of the Resurrection that we have from the Gospels, we see that Christ appeared first to the women, but then over some time, to greater and greater groups of people. From the Apostles in the upper room, to the two men on the road to Emmaus, Christ appeared to each in time, to confirm what they were hearing from Mary Magdalen: He is Risen.

Easter was here a week ago, and will continue through Pentecost, yet I have not been feeling like an "Easter people." It did not seem that Christ had appeared, not to me. I saw and felt him at the Easter Vigil, but once the night was over, doubted my own eyes. Still being mostly without female companionship and tired, I missed my parents as soon as they left on Easter Sunday and although I was glad to get the week with Mr. Oram, I was disappointed that my 12th week of pregnancy was not bringing me instant energy.

And then He appeared to me. He began to whisper to me on Friday, telling me He had need of me, kept gently tugging on my heart on Sunday, but I didn't truly hear Him until today. Today He said to me, I have people who are in need of you and I will give you the strength to minister to them. Today He appeared and said, you must be my mercy to a hurting world. Today, for the first time in three months, I felt someone needed me. Two friends are struggling and asked for help; two teens came to me and sought counsel. I was able to help, I had something to give.

I tried to express to one of the friends today - it is a blessing to be able to help, to be asked. If you are in a situation where you are hurting or need your Christian community, please reach out. You never know who you are blessing by asking them to bless you. Christ appeared to me today, and just like Mary Magdalen, I ran to show others. I was able to go to others and offer them Christ, and that has revived my soul such that I cannot express! I came home tonight and cleaned my house - for the first time in three months! I had the energy, the joy, and the sense of sacrifice to offer my housework for my friends, for my husband, for reparation for my own sins.

This may seem so small, but today, tying on that apron, and scrubbing the sink, I wanted to yell with joy. When Jesus appears to me, it becomes a blessing to serve.

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