Friday, August 24, 2012

7 Quick Takes!

If you read this blog in Google reader or some such contraption, you won't think anything has changed. But those of you who visit might have noticed some aesthetic changes - I'm playing around with layout, pages, and such, but I'm still pretty new and learning a lot! So don't get too happy with what I'm doing, since it'll probably change again soon. 

This week a small pipe in our garage started misting out of its cap. Odd...except that the mist, when left alone, created a large puddle. And we didn't want a large puddle. So obviously, we tried to repair the teeny-tiny hole with some sealant...that didn't work. Then the hubs decided to just replace the cap altogether! With another, sturdier, metal cap. Uh, that didn't work either - it popped right off and hit him in the back! I came up with the idea that since it was a copper pipe and a copper cap, we should solder them together...which resulted in a few trips to the hardware store for flux, another tank for the blow torch, and solder wire. I insisted on doing it myself, since I was the one who has observed this sort of operation before, and now we have a soldered-closed pipe. Wheee! 

Tropical Storm Isaac seems intent on hitting us sometime around Monday. I don't really mind, since that meant last night at 7 or so it was in the 70s!! That's a big deal around here. Mr. O and I took a blanket out back and lounged while reading real books - not articles on our phones! We brought the dog too, who alternated between trying to commandeer our places on the blankets and running over to the neighbor girls, to ruin their game of soccer. It was heavenly and now I want Fall EVEN MORE. 

Made the very bad decision on Wednesday night to watch the movie "The Rite," right before bed! I know possessions and exorcisms are real and so that didn't really help much. I don't think I would have been quite as terrified if one of the main possessed people hadn't been a flipping pregnant girl!! Why did no one warn me? Getting up for my nightly constitutional to the bathroom has been a bit more nerve-wracking because of that...

We're going to see Mr. Oram's family in the midwest in just a few weeks! I can't wait and although their forecast keeps saying 70s/80s, I keep telling myself we will get there and it will be in the 60s. I think I've said this before. Ok I'm just going to keep saying it because I REALLY want it to be cold!! 

Why are gliders so ugly?? Baby things in general are mostly atrocious, but baby furniture is the pits. I want a glider/rocking t hing for the nursery but everything I find is hideous - and since my mom already made me window valances and curtains, I don't really feel like saying "by the way, recover my chair too!" And as crafty as I am, I don't even own a sewing machine. I wanted something classy and nice, but all of those gliders cost as much as real furniture!!  

Our plans to move are on hold. Our neighbors have calmed down, after a few interventions, and we really want to wait a few years. So now we're just having fun making our little house pretty! And non-leaky...

Happy weekend, y'all! 


  1. I hope you don't get hit too badly by the storm! I also wanted to let you know I am cooking your casserole for dinner tonight! :)

    1. How'd it work out?! I pulled out the frozen one and had it tonight since I was feeling lazy!


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