Friday, October 19, 2012

7 Quick Takes: Baby Edition!

Several people have made comments that ZuZu looks like Tom, but I'm taking credit for her personality. What are her favorite things to do? Sleep and eat and take baths! Just like her Mama. She actually combines several of these loves - like how she sleeps through her baths and can somehow sleep-eat. She's very talented. 

I hate all those test things they have to do when babies are just born. The PKU in particular is unfortunate, because they have to prick her foot to get some of her blood. She was relatively relaxed; I wanted to cry. I think this is how most of parenthood goes.

Well, good to know I have great mother-bear instincts. We went to Target yesterday and I didn't even want people LOOKING at my child. Why, you ask? Fear of germs? No - just some sort of weird possessiveness that grips my chest whenever I feel people outside of "The Bubble" are getting too close  to her. Our pediatrician recommends we keep her home and not take her to Mass or around large crowds for the first 6-8 weeks. At first, I thought that was nuts. Now I realize it's for the protection of all the well-wishers that I would brutally dismember for getting too close, not for ZuZu herself. 

"The Bubble." So for the first week of ZuZu's life, the only people she's interacted with regularly have been her me, her Daddy, her Grand (my mom), and her Auntie Jen. These people now constitute "The Bubble," (TB) the zone that we live in daily with ZuZu. Here in TB, we talk about poop a lot. Sometimes we get peed on. We confess to one another that we have no clue what we're doing, and we make up dumb songs a lot. We frequently yell at each other to come here and look at ZuZu's newest cute face (and bring the camera). I'm usually crying to someone else in TB about something dumb, like how I'm afraid she'll be kidnapped. I love The Bubble. 

I am sorry to report that all the crazy advice I got while pregnant didn't end when I had the baby. I thought it would! You experienced parents out there warned me, but I didn't believe you. But it's true. I'm already getting lectures about how I shouldn't let my one week old "manipulate" me by crying. I didn't bother explaining that she has no concept of self or others that would form the prerequisite to having an intent to manipulate. I just nod and hope they leave soon before I attack them with bear-like ferocity. 

My big sister comes tonight to visit ZuZu! I am very excited. I have been an aunt since I was 8 thanks to the big age difference between my sisters and I, but I haven't yet been able to return the favor. Now I have and I'm super excited. Plus, we're going to watch Christmas movies (don't judge, it's our thing). 

My darling Jen wrote the most beautiful post about ZuZu. I was fighting not crying as I read it, and I'm so happy that my sweet girl has such great role models in her life. 

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