Friday, October 26, 2012

7 Quick Takes

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Zuzu-girl is now two weeks old and as I type, she is sleeping in her crib! Sob! Her little body looks so small in there - but she does seem cozy at least. Today at the doctor's office, we discovered she has gained 1 lb 1 oz since her birth (yeah chunky girl!) and has very sensitive skin (just like her Dad). It's incredible to see the changes in her in just this short amount of time: the clothes she's already outgrown! Is this really how fast it goes? How shall my heart bear it? 

I have been so blessed to get so much good advice from many Catholic moms that I respect! These early days of parenting are indeed filled with many questions about sleeping, eating, what's best for baby. But I find when I get enough sleep, and keep myself rooted in prayer, I am much less susceptible to self-doubt and worry. I try to remember that and return to it when my interior peace feels threatened. 

Please don't think that I had a baby and forgot about my dog! Blackacre is doing GREAT, seems back to his old self, and is eating and running and playing just like his old self. He is not super impressed with the baby, but is getting used to her and beginning to feel protective - he'll come and lay in whatever room I am nursing her in, facing the doorway, ever-alert. What a great dog! Thank you all for your prayers; I am so grateful they were answered. 

My grandfather passed away this week. I haven't posted about it all over social networks, but it happened. We can't attend the funeral because it's too far away to travel with the babe right now, while she's so young (8 hours in a car w/ a newborn is just not a good idea - especially one who despises her car seat). I feel bad for my Father and very sad that my Papa never got to meet Zuzu. A lot has been lost with his passing. Please pray for the repose of his soul. 

As much as I adore being a mom, and am enjoying this new part of my vocation, I definitely do miss the alone time with Mr. O. Before baby, we were alone basically all the time. I could go into work with him if I wanted, we do socialize with other couples but not a whole lot...we just don't do activities without one another, really. And we like it that way. Now there is always another person with us, and although I know this is a very short phase, it's hard for me. I miss the amount of time we had to talk and laugh and just be together. I think this is why I resist the idea of co-sleeping so much; it feels so incredible to crawl into bed at night and just get to snuggle without anyone else there (well, Zuzu is in the bassinet right next to us, but y'know!) - it helps to remind me that I am a wife still, my new title has not replaced but augmented the old. 

I never realized how many things make noise until I had a baby and she went to sleep and then EVERYTHING BECAME SO LOUD. Which is weird, because I talk in my regular voice and open cabinets while the baby sleeps, use the microwave and let the washing machine beep. But you never notice how hard your neighbor slams their car door or yells for their dog until now...or how close you are to the main road (hey loud motorcycles, you guys suck). 

Political season is almost over. If President Obama is reelected, I'm pretty nervous about the next four years. I'm sure the other side says that same. But my husband works for the Church - we have a real economic stake in religious liberty being protected. Laws that impact insurance and the church's ability to function as an employer impact my life directly, not hypothetically. So if the incumbent wins, I'll be crying and praying - just like I was when he won four years ago. 

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  1. I'm so sorry about the loss of your grandfather. Hugs.


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