Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Zuzu: One Month

My Dearest Susannah,
You were one month old yesterday, and it was so bittersweet to celebrate! It has been the most delicious month of my life, a whirlwind romance for your father and I wherein we have fallen deeply in love with you.
I realize that you will not remember this time of your life, which is such a tragedy, because this is a most magical, blessed time. Because you won't, I will try to preserve it for you in bits and pieces as best I can. You smiled for the first time the day you were born, and you've smiled every day since. Oftentimes in your sleep, you laugh - deep belly laughs, where your whole body shakes! The three of us, Aunt Jen, Daddy and I, love it when this happens and all gather round you, giggling and staring when it happens.
You love hot baths - like I do, like I thought you might. So tonight I took you in the shower with me, since you were a bit fussy, and see how you liked it. I wrapped you in a soft, thin blankie and just like the Mama's girl you are, you did not cry - pressed skin-to-skin on my chest, your big intelligent blue eyes gazed around the shower in your calm way. You didn't flinch even, but relaxed in my arms as the water ran down your back. I sat down in the tub and gave you a wee rinse off, and true to your nature, you fell fast asleep. Some spray caught in your blonde eyelashes and held there, catching the light and sparkling. I held you tight and whispered to you how much I love you.
I wish you could store up all the love that is being poured into you in these days in the form of compliments! Every where we go, people exclaim how lovely you are - your beauty astounds everyone who sees you. Your eyes are so big, accented perfectly by your blonde eyebrows, and your little face is so expressive. You have precious rosebud lips and soft blonde fuzz all over your head. Everyone remarks upon how alert and attentive you are, and have been from the very first. All parents think their children are exceptional, so it's been especially rewarding for your father and I to hear the praise heaped upon you by all.
There's more. How you hate your carseat, but love the bath so much it'll stop you mid-cry. How Aunt Jen does a tribal dance around the living room to entertain you; how you love being outside and feeling the wind. You are quickly showing us how fearfully and wonderfully made you are - and we adore every moment.

It's going by so fast and I'm trying to hold on. I hope I remember these days always; they have been a dream come true.

With great love I remain -

Your Mama

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