Friday, November 23, 2012

7 Quick Taaaakes

Joining Jen again for taking 7 takes with great speed. 

New blog format! I had been playing with it a while ago; it got all messed up so I made it as plain as possible, but really it needed some pizzaz. I'm still figuring it out myself, though - the format does seem to obscure finding posts by date. But it looks cool! Jen, if you think it's too confusing, I can change it back. :) 

Zuzu is SIX WEEKS today! She's getting so big, I can barely keep up. I have gotten several questions about when Tom and I plan to have another one - which I've been surprised by, but haven't minded. We are loving this so much...I'm not sure if we've really made a decision about when, but I'm not sure we'd mind whenever it happens. 

A picture of Zuzu taken by my brother on my sister's camera - isn't she precious??

Were you wondering? I failed the Bar. My apologies if this is the medium that the news it reaching you and you'd rather have heard it in person, but it's not really something I want to discuss anyway, if it's all the same to you. I missed the mark by just 7 points, 4 from one part and 3 from another, which means I have to retake both - YAY. I'll retake in February, which will be a blast and half. 

Also in February? Our trip to Italy with the choir. We'll be gone from January 29-February 7th. I...probably won't study for the Bar much that week. Sooo...hopefully I still pass. Not sure if I'd be up for take three. 

I tried to do some light afternoon shopping today. Go ahead - laugh. I remember Black Friday shopping from years past and my memories were mostly happy. We approached it mostly as people watching, and relaxed shopping. I did not remember 2 hours of traffic or parking lots that were totally full. This year, I learned my lesson - Black Friday is not for the casual shopper.

One of the best parts about being home this week is watching my older nieces and nephews meet Zuzu. I was younger than they are now when they were born, so it's so funny and sweet to see them fall in love with her! My niece Maddie and my nephew Jake, whose childhoods I got to witness, now get to be here for Zuzu and watch her grow up. How wonderful. 

Cousin love

I got a mani and pedi with my mom this past Tuesday and had a revelation in beauty. I have always done dramatic colors on my nails, but kept my nails in firmly in the pale pink category. But, wanting a bit of holiday fun, I decided to do OPI Kennebunk-port on both my fingers AND toes. I love it!! If you're looking for a great blue-based red, try this one - it brings me some holiday happy every time I look at my hands and feet! 

Happy holidays!

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  1. I'm probably not the Jen you referenced in the first section, but the new blog format doesn't work for me. It shows me posts from September. I'm glad there is an option to change the format, so I can find your newest posts.

    Zuzu is a cutie!


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