Sunday, November 18, 2012

7 Quick Takes!

Hosted by the lovely Jen...

Turns out blogging with a baby is more difficult than it appears, hence my sudden absence...for all you mamas out there who  maintain a blog full-time with children, you are amazing!

Zuzu is impressed!

We have switched to cloth diapers full time and it isn't too bad, really. I don't think I'll turn into the die-hard fan of it that some women are, but it seems to work for us. I'm happy about it mostly from a monetary/environment/health perspective (diapers cost a lot/landfills suck/what chemicals are in disposables anyway), and so I think we'll stick with it. The nice thing about starting out doing cloth with baby #1 is that our stash of diapers can grow as she grows - we don't really need to do that $500 investment that most people do. We were also really lucky - my SIL and MIL got us four really awesome diapers for one of our showers, and then I bought seven more at a cloth diaper exchange. Since babies r' us and target sells them now, I also used some of the gift cards we received to buy more. Total cash investment cost? $76! 

We finished LOST! I had a few friends in college who were super into it, but I never was. We watched it on Netflix and it was such a great show - I highly recommend it. Honestly, there isn't another show on TV today like it - it's incredibly sophisticated and smart, not to mention the musical score was amazing. It might be a show in a category all its own; I know it's talked about as a drama, but it's so much more. A lot of people were frustrated by the ending, but I felt it was fitting for such a cerebral show, so I guess watch at your own risk! 

 I have realized that I have a hard time admitting when aspects of motherhood are hard. Other moms  have tried to get me to open up about my struggles, but I've just stayed positive - which is great, but maybe not so honest. So here's me trying to be honest: the one thing I really struggle with is that, due to nursing, my wardrobe is restricted again (just like during pregnancy) and now it mostly smells! I was so excited to learn the other day that I fit back into most of my pre-pregnancy clothes already (yay!) - but sadly, there's a good portion of them I can't wear because they aren't nursing friendly. And what I can wear, constantly gets milk or spit up on it. I love my wardrobe, which consists of a lot of investment pieces plus good basics in neutral colors, and so it's hard to not have worn a good portion of it for almost a year! Because even if I can fit back into my Ralph Lauren blouse, even if that blouse is button-up for easy nursing, do I really want to be trying to get breast milk out of silk? 

Cotton scoop neck tee? Not as fashionable but much easier to nurse in and clean!

So I'm pretty much ready to get back into the swing of things, especially with exercise. I want to be in much better shape than I am and fall is the time to get that geared up in south Florida. But I have found that sports bras, even my nursing sports bra, is just really not good to wear during this time in my life. Tighter bras can restrict your  milk flow and, for me, just be really darn uncomfortable. But how does one run without a good sports bra? I guess I'll stick to walking and try to get to the gym for elliptical and swimming...

My baby hates her car seat. 
This is NOT the norm!

Which is going to make our 3-hour drive home tomorrow SO MUCH FUN. But in reality, even the prospect of driving with a screaming infant cannot dampen my enthusiasm to go home. I am so excited! And it's even more fun since I get to stay with my sister Kim, who I don't usually get to see as much when I am home, and she lives close to my other sister Ali so I should get to see her as well. My mom has the whole week off and we'll be there the whole week, so I should get mucho mom time too!! I haven't spent a Thanksgiving with my family in four years now, so I am really really excited!!


  1. Congrats on your little one! I just had one too and I was immediately drawn to your profile pic on Jen’s Quick Takes.. Love your sling! I cannot find one to fit me and my 9 wk old correctly. Most of them I wrap around me like confusing origami and never find the spot for the baby! Mind letting me know where you got it??

    1. Congrats on your little Mia! She's number three, I saw? I can't wait till we have a whole pack of rug rats, but as my mom says "they tend to come one at a time for a reason!"

      I got this sling at the second hand children's store Once Upon a Child. It is a Munchkin Reversible Sling, probably from Target, like this one:

      These ones are the kind where you fold them once length wise to make the pocket - if you get it new, I think it explains how to do the cradle hold, which is what I always try to do with Zuzu, but give up and settle for the "she doesn't appear to be dying and at least she's breathing" hold.

      Hope it works for y'all!


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