Sunday, November 18, 2012

What I Wore Sunday: Vol. 1

Joining the ladies at Fine Linen and Purple for the What I Wore Sunday link-up!

Today was Zuzu's debut at the 5pm Mass, which is the Mass that the youth group attends. I had been holding off, knowing there would be a lack of newborn baby etiquette, but couldn't wait any longer - I've really missed those kids!! They were all so excited to meet her and did a great job of satisfying my mommy pride by exclaiming endlessly over her beauty. We didn't stay long, but it was so good to see everyone and catch up a little bit. Hopefully soon I'll be back and leading some small groups again!

Before we headed to Mass, I got a TON done since Zuzu took a long nap. I even got in a nap myself earlier in the day, thanks to the wonderful Jen! However, my shower/prep time came last in my list of to-dos, so by the time I got to it, Zuzu was awake and wanting a good long feed. Hence, I wore jeans:

For anyone who knows me, I am not a jeans to Mass girl. I allow myself to wear them to 5pm contemporary Mass only when desperate. I think it has something to do with being a convert - I had years of casual services and I'm sort of over it. But considering I was just trying to throw on clothes today before Zuzu ate her hand or Mr. O's shoulder, and I fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans!, I'm not complaining too loudly. 

Sunglasses - The Best of Everything (like a super cheap Charmin' Charlies, but it's only in Naples... and Kennebunkport)
White t-shirt with white beading - Nordstrom Rack
Jeans - Lucky Brand via Nordstrom Rack
Shoes (not pictured) - borrowed/stolen from my middle sister for my honeymoon...16 months ago! 
Jewelry (not pictured) - Just plain fake diamond studs and my wedding rings that finally fit! I still can't find my Pandora bracelet that forms the third part of my every day jewelry Trinity...I think it's gone for good :( 
Baby - Zuzu at 5 weeks, wearing her awesome Munchkin reversible sling

Also, hair style credit goes to this great YouTube video which illustrates 5 hairstyles for wet hair, which at this point in time is VERY much appreciated by moi. The flower is actually one that I wore on my dress on my wedding day and is also from the Best of Everything. 

Also, here's a post within a post since Zuzu expressed a desire to participate in the link-up: 

What I Wore Sunday: Zuzu, Vol. 1 

Okay y'all, I'm a baby so I don't have a lot to say, but I love getting dressed in cute clothes and flashing my adorable smile around, so I thought I'd join in. 

My mom has to hold me since my head control isn't the best yet. 

The Deets: 
Headband - hand made for me by my talented Aunt Ali
Dress - vintage 80s, of course, with hand smocking...this is an heirloom piece lent to me by my Aunt Sally! 
Diaper (not pictured) - BumGenius One Size 4.0 in white (hook and loop closure, of course!) 

Happy Sunday! 


  1. Wow, Zuzu... you are one fashionable lady! :)

    And, and of course you are, too, Mart!

  2. Your daughter is such a precious little love! Your top is super cute, and I absolutely love the hair!

    1. Thank you! The top actually has beading on it, I swear I didn't just wear a plain t-shirt to Mass!

  3. LOVE your hair! Especially that you did it wet too!

    1. Wet hairstyles are so vitally important to my life right now...I don't always have the luxury of blow drying! They are all up-dos, obviously, and sometimes I miss wearing my hair down, but ah well.

  4. Ohh your daughter is just precious. I love your outfit too! Thanks so much for joining us!

  5. Congratulation, precious, precious, precious!!! Something about going casual for Youth Mass...the old "when in Rome...."adage. All these cute hairdos, I guess I need to get on Youtube and spruce it up a bit!!

    1. Thank you! I usually manage to rock a casual outfit at the 5pm that does not include jeans, working with jersey fabrics or simple cotton dresses and sandals - and I try do that just FOR the youth group girls, so that they see that casual does not automatically = jeans. But yes, I try to avoid my usual heels and pencil skirt because when in Rome...make sure the Romans think you're cool!! (esp if the Romans are appearance-focused adolescents...)

      Youtube is amazing. I learn so much!! What did anyone do before the internet!?


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