Sunday, November 25, 2012

What I Wore Sunday: Sans Jen Edition

Joining the fine ladies at Fine Linen and Purple for this totally fascinating post on what I wore today (don't you wish I did this every day??)

Today is our first week with baby, without help! That may explain my crazy eyes and the picture taken in a mirror with a cell phone...but really I shouldn't complain. Who has help w/ their baby for the first six weeks? Rich people? Anyway, I'm grateful for my family and for Jenny Jen Jen (as Tom calls her) for all the help with Zuzu.

I tried to crop out the explosion of our Thanksgiving luggage...traveling with a baby means MORE STUFF 

Deets on the outfit: 

Shirt: Gap bought on pre-Black Friday sale 
Skirt: Marshalls last year 
Hair: Day 3 of a half-hearted blow out done while Zuzu was sleeping in the sling and therefore very unappreciative of hot hair falling in her face
Shoes: Sperrys, not pictured because I could only let Zuzu freak out in her bassinet for so long (6 week growth spurt anyone??) 
Baby wearing device (not pictured): Baby Bjorn, because I LEFT THE SLING IN ORLANDO LIKE AN IDIOT 

So I will get nothing done this week because Jen isn't here, Zuzu is going through a growth spurt thus wanting to nurse for hours at a time, and I left the sling in Orlando. Please do lots of stuff on Pinterest because I will need something to distract me while I am nursing for the 15th time that day.


Shirt: Unkown gift from unknown person 

We had no pants at this point because of a poop issue. But she's still so darn cute. 

Excuse me, I have to go feed my starving (read: fed 30 minutes ago) baby. 


  1. Hang in there and take it one day at a hour at a time! All that stuff will get done eventually. BTW, love that you both are color coordinated!! You won't get any Pinterest fun from me, but it sure can kill some hours!!

  2. I love it! And you... miss you guys so very much. :)

  3. First off, congratulations on your beautiful baby! Motherhood is tiring, but full of blessing at least! 2nd, your outfit is cute! I'm a fan of your shirt there, Martha!

  4. Love the gingham top! Furthermore, so awesome to meet another Martha -- even in the Catholic world!

  5. Sooo cute. I know your pain too. I left our baby wearing devices at home when I traveled for the first time. NEVER AGAIN. My baby nursed all the time and loved being held so I just obliged and was a lazy person for months :-). It's allll good. Cu

  6. I feel like we are kindred spirits here...I wore gingham this weekend, too, and I live in my Sperrys. Zuzu is adorable; I love that you two match!


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