Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Four Months, Susannah

My Darling Girl -

It's been just four months!

Darling girl last week at the Papal audience (photo courtesy of Fr. John)

Four months of you being on this earth - and baby, they've been grand.

So long ago! One of your first baths, which you blissfully slept through. (photo courtesy of Mina Jen)

Sharing a sweet laugh with Madrina (Mina's instagram!)

You pulled out the big guns for month four, sweet child. In Assisi, you picked up a knife off the table - a heavy one! I panicked and gave you a fork. Daddy panicked and took it all away. You were not happy, but we were proud! 

Sweet Assisi, with all the olive trees (Father John)

That night at dinner, you picked up a little teaspoon and chewed on it. That's also the famous night that Mommy told the waiter she wanted "duo" of something, instead of "due." Our waiter was NOT impressed, but he was charmed by you. I'll post pics of that one later, when Auntie Jen comes back. 

Then you decided Firenze (Florence for us English-speaking folk) deserved some of your charms, and you rolled over in the pack n' play so sweetly set up by the hotel (and in which you slept all of 30 minutes total). Although this woke you up, we weren't even mad. We were so glad to see the Italian air agreeing with you! 

And then Rome. Oh, Rome. 

Shot of Saint Peter's, the best place on earth (Father John)

So many amazing sights and experiences in Rome, but for you, it was all about Daddy and the fact that while he was taking his usual 30 minutes to get you dressed (which I can do in about 7), you laughed for him. Laughed!! Clasped your hands and laughed at the peeka-boo game he played with your pants. Although green with envy, I loved watching you share that milestone to him. 

You 'met' the Pope this month. 

Father John catching Zuzu at her favorite activity - chewing on Daddy's thumb...during the Papal Audience, no less.

And you also met thousands of Italians and Poles and Germans and Franks who all wanted their picture with you because your little face begs people to stop and adore you. You gained new nicknames: 

Bella Bambolina

You were the toast of the town. You even nabbed yourself a boyfriend, Luca the Merciful. (so nicknamed our incredible wonderful magnificent tour guide, Liz Lev). I would post a pic of you two, but I do not yet have one. 

In short, it has been a blessed time with you. So often, I feel unworthy and far too young to be entrusted with you as my special gift. But I have to believe that God knew what he was doing when he sent you to us. He could have held back, but he didn't, and they say his timing is perfect. I hope that in some way, you are soaking up all the love and attention that is being poured into you right now. I want you to know that you have made our lives come alive in a way they never had before, and not just your dad and I, but so many others - Auntie Jen, Tia Jennine, Grand and Grandad, Gigi and Grampy, everyone who meets you is in some way refreshed. You are joy and beauty itself, you live up to your name perfectly: you make of our life a garden. 

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