Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Meatless Meals

So the lovely Dwija asked for meatless meal ideas and although I shudder to think of innocent people going meatless intentionally, I also realize that as Catholics it's just something we have to do sometimes. I already linked to my (mom's) fabulous broccoli casserole recipe (which is amazing...trust me, once your kids try it, they'll forget it has veggies), but I humbly have some other offerings, gleaned from pinterest. 

First up: 

Have you ever had carrot soup? No? Why not? Do it right now. 

My mom and I always joke that there's always ONE THING that we buy at the grocery store every time we go because we are paranoid that we are out.  Her thing is mayo, my thing is carrots. At one point I looked in the fridge and realized I had over 5 pounds of carrots, some of it just inches away from being really gross bad carrots. What to do? CARROT SOUP. I used the above recipe except I kept out the ginger (it makes it very spicy) and used sour cream as a topper instead of heavy cream (cause that's what I had on hand). Then I served with tuna fish sandwiches (sounds weird but really...) The result? Fabulous-oh.


I wish I could write about this soup without crying, but I can't. Because it's so amazing, I want to fall down and cry. It might just be soup perfection. I COMMENTED on the woman's blog post, for pete's sake, just to tell her how good it was. Because she should know. The world should know. 

If you don't want to buy tortellini, make it without - it doesn't even matter. It's STILL GOOD. Serve with good bread, either homemade or Panera's Asiago Cheese Bread is quite lovely as well. I also add a ton of minced mushrooms because I believe in mushrooms in everything. (also Italian seasoning is code for oregano/parsley/whatever - don't sweat it)


I just discovered this last week and have made it twice. Although the given recipe has meat, it could very easily be made without or with frozen seafood. The glory of this recipe is: you really don't ever have to use the same things except for rice and egg, and you can throw it all in the there and forget it ever happened until you eat a steaming bowl of awesome. 

I always add two eggs instead of one (makes egg more visible and yummy) and I think it would be even better with sesame seed oil, but since we didn't have any on hand, I jacked up the amount of soy sauce for fun (you can use low sodium kind if need be). I've made it with zucchini, mushrooms, carrots, peas...whatever. It's very VERY yummy and very easy, and it's a one-bowl meal which means less dishes all around.

So there you go. Three recipes without meat that are amazing. I mean REALLY AMAZING. Try them out and be glad you did.

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  1. Thanks for linking up with us! I can't wait to try the recipes!


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