Saturday, February 16, 2013

7 Quick Takes: SUPER Grateful Edition

Joining Jen and the gang for a list of 7 things happenin' right now: 

It's 63 out with no sun, which means it's downright COLD here in Naples!! The low tonight is THIRTY NINE. All of us are breaking out our parkas and ski suits from when we bought them on 95% discount (just kidding...maybe). 

Speaking of tonight, guess what I'm doing this eve??? A MOM'S SLEEP OVER. This is basically the best idea ever. On about Wednesday of this week I get a text from my good friend Kristen (with the super cute baby, Hope, remember??) The gist is hey y'all party at the beach condo Saturday night - mommys and infants only!! Five gals, a few infants, some wine and cheesecake - I am beyond excited!! If you think this is a great idea, you should have one too. Just make sure to invite me :) 

Today was the Women's Conference here for the Diocese of Venice. I volunteered to help out my good friend Mary Beth and to hear some great speakers. Among them was the lovely Teresa Tomeo, who was enchanted with Zuzu. Who doesn't love my baby!?! 

When I got home from said conference, Mr. Oram was already at work but guess what he left me? A CLEAN HOUSE. That's right - I left my husband at 7am and came home at 3pm to find a beautiful sparkling house, laundry and dishes done, the whole shazam. I am a lucky woman, I tell you. 

In case you want to go on a pilgrimage and you think "What company should I go through?" I can tell you!! Corporate Travel, the group that planned our recent pilgrimage to Italy, was incredible. Not only did they beat out the other groups by $400, and give us the most incredible tour guide I have ever had, they also have the best customer service ever. They sent us a gift basket when Zuzu was born because they knew we were expecting, called Mr. O while we were abroad to make sure the trip was going well, and now that we're back sent a Harry and David gift tower to say thank you for using their services. I love them! And they're Catholic...just ask Steve Ray and Teresa Tomeo, who also use them to plan their Catholic Answers pilgrimages! 

Do you side-lie nurse? Let me tell you, I praise God for wherever I read about the idea. Today for Zuzu's afternoon nap, we laid in bed with the windows open, cuddle under the down comforter and while she nursed, I just thanked God for how blessed I am. Side - lying nursing is one of the best nursing positions for us and makes me feels so relaxed and happy. (um also I can fall asleep this way which is awesome)

In case you think my life is all sunshine and roses, I should also say that I spend 90% of my day today walking around smelling like really  nasty spit up since Zuzu had a bit of an upset tummy while I was wearing her in the Boba. She then smooshed her face into it so I think she smelled a little rank too. At least she's super cute in the bath...

over and out! 


  1. Side lying nursing is the best thing ever! I would be a much, much less happy mama if I didn't do it.

    I horrified the medical student when I admitted to falling asleep nursing my baby. Seriously, she actually froze and stopped writing and looked up in horror. And I smiled and nodded and thought, if you have a baby and try it you'll totally understand! It will save your sanity!

    I'm so glad you guys had a good trip to Italy! And I love Zuzu pictures! She's such a cutie!

    1. haha re: med student horror...I know I probably scandalize some people by admitting that Zuzu sleeps in our bed most nights (or at least ends up there after her first long stretch in her bassinet) but what are you gonna do? Every mom has to figure out a way to get some sleep!!

      I can't wait for you to meet Zuzu in person! Hopefully the next time we get up to see Tom's family!!

  2. Yes, I totally agree about side-lying nursing. I LOVE it. Elsa does it all night's the only way I get any sleep. It's so great for naps too!

    1. I mean really. I can't imagine getting up, getting her from bassinet/crib, sitting in a glider, nursing her till she fell asleep, then putting her back down and praying she didn't wake up because the bassinet/crib had turned cold/wasn't soft enough/didn't smell good/whatever. So much easier to just let her help herself and catch some Zzzzzs!

  3. Yes, yes, yes to side-lying nursing :). Notice all the nursing moms with babies the same age can't help but comment :).

    We did have a lot of fun at our sleepover. Sad when it was over.


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