Sunday, March 3, 2013

7 Quick Takes: I have no theme

Joining Jen and the gang for more endless talk about my life in seven short segments...I know you're thrilled! 

As I sat down to write this, having finally gotten no-nap baby to nap in her big girl crib, the nebulizer fell off the couch and CRASHED onto the tile floor. Thank goodness she didn't wake up. My neighbors would have seen a nebulizer flying out the front windows with tinkling glass and a string of vulgarities trailing along behind...

"Mrs. Oram, why do you have a nebulizer?"Well, Zuzu has RSV and is on a nebulizer, getting breathing treatments four times a day (theoretically...I am bad at making her do them - they're treatments with salt air, can't we just go to the beach?). This fact causes me to think two thoughts: why didn't my pediatrician catch this four weeks ago, and why can my child handle shots better than soft air being wafted into her face? 
My version of a nebulizer...(photo by Jen)

Tom's parents come tomorrow! This is both awesome, because I can't wait to see them, and frustrating, because the elves that clean my house are on strike. They've been on strike for quite sometime, actually...darn house elves. Maybe Tom gave them his socks by accident.

There may or may not be a box of bedragled looking Christmas decorations skulking in the corner of my living room. May be. I'm not saying anything definitive, but if I were, I would be doing so to make you feel better about your life. No matter what is going on, I'll bet your Christmas decorations are at least stored someplace that's not visible from your entryway. 

A good friend of mine has started blogging! Woo! Check her out at Modern Catholic Momma

Today's excitement included larger-than-life bugs, a normal occurrence here in swamp land, aka Southwest Florida. I washed some sleeping bags that had been left in the garage. I get them out of the dryer and flip out on my bed to fold, while Zuzu is blissfully playing in her bassinet, next to said-bed. Out of the sleeping bag scurries a HUMONGOUS roach. HUGE I TELL YOU. I did battle with it and won, protecting my child and home against these horrific invaders, but my mind was really thinking: how did it survive the washer?? It's common knowledge in Florida that if you leave ANYTHING outside (the garage totally counts), you are asking for it to: a) mold, and b) become insect-infested. That's why I washed those sleeping bags! But now...I think I should throw them out. Opinions? 

Zuzu always burps when she wakes up. I have a universal hatred for bodily noises, but she makes it look so cute. 
(photo by Jen? Tom? Not sure!)

Oram out! 


  1. She is soooo ridiculously cute in that last picture! Love it!! :)

  2. Hope Zuzu recovers from RSV and feels better soon!

  3. Hi Martha, I've nominated you for a Liebster award. Details on my blog. If you'd rather not participate that's 100% okay, but if you do I'd love to see your answers! ~ Laura


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