Saturday, March 16, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Rando

Zuzu cut her first TOOTH. and her second. Exciting times!! I can't believe she's getting so big. She's been practicing sitting up as well, which makes me just want to fall down sobbing. How is she growing so fast?? I'm still begging for another - which I've been doing for going on two months now.

My baby in pearls...

I appreciate well-meaning baby sleep advice, but it also makes me laugh. "don't nurse her to sleep" or "make noise during the day, you don't want your baby to need quiet to sleep" are all good points, but they don't help my cranky teething baby get to sleep. So yeah, I'm sitting on my couch eating cold pasta because I don't want the microwave to wake her up - and for right now, that's what's working for us! 

Gorgeous weather and a baby that can hang out in a bumbo = the return of my green thumb. Although my first trimester effectively killed many things, I've been proud to find a few things still standing. So I'm back to dithering around out there, in between wiping up spit-up and such...also I love to nurse on my front porch. Be warned if you ever thought of stopping by and don't want to catch a glimpse of the girls.

I am falling deeper into the world of crunchy moms. I now use cloth wipes and Zuzu has a (from what I can tell, completely useless) amber teething necklace. Hooray! How long till I can stop shaving or caring what I look like? Soon?

We have a humongo water leak apparently - somewhere beneath our driveway. So we're getting a new driveway after our plumbing issues are fixed, which is cool, because sometimes the holes in our driveway look like this:
Florida - sinkholes happen here. Thanks, USAToday.

Sorry I'm not that important, but y'know what is - omgee, NEW POPE. In my opinion, he's pretty cool, y'know, seeing as the Holy Spirit chose him an' all. I know it means a lot to the Spanish habla-ing folk out there, so felicitaciones, y'all.

Zuzu turns one in 7 months. I dropped the ball on the baptism party. Any great ideas for the first birthday??

How long till I can start homeschooling? Never content with doing several things poorly when I can do many things even worse, I'm just lookin' for another project...

Oram out! 


  1. Wow, I can't believe she has teeth already. Zuzu is advanced!! My baby is still toothless (and napless).

    I apparently break all the sleep rules because I nurse my baby to sleep all the time, and threaten anyone who makes noise when she is asleep with bodily harm (ok..not really..but I do try to keep the other kids away from her).

    1. So glad to hear I'm not the only that embraces "whatever-works" sleep philosophy. I really think it would help if she took a paci, but she has decided they're evil.

      Yeah Zuzu cut her teeth early, so I think she's ambitious, like her father - who was walking at 8 months (no seriously like WALKING). I'm not sure what to do, since I didn't plan on introducing solids for another several months...

  2. She is so so cute! I love that picture!

    1. She is fairly adorable. I've been meaning to talk to you - arranged marriage? her and Patrick? I promise she'll be well catechized and your little man is pretty cute himself!! :)


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