Saturday, March 23, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Womp Womp Edition

Joining Jen and the crew for more discussion of my life...but since I'm kind of bummed this week, you get seven pictures of the baby to balance it out. Cause if pictures of Zuzu do not cheer you up...there's no hope!

I am sorely neglecting you, poor little blog! Forgive me. In the midst of working, mothering, trying to keep a handle on the house...I seem to have very little time to sit down and write. 
Headbands are the reason I love having a girl...!!
(photo via Jen)

I have really struggled this week. The house feels like it's a constant CONSTANT mess, I know I have dropped the ball on several things at work, and there are some personal issues that are weighing heavily on my heart. It's felt very...lonely...this week, around here. I wish my family or more friends lived closer - like down the block closer, not have to get in the car to see them-type-close.

Zuzu, doing some reading of her children's Bible...
(also Jen?)

In the midst of this holy season, and in light of holy week fast approaching, I hope everyone who is attending services takes time to appreciate all the hard work that goes into running a parish. You  might want to critique the music, decor, substance/length of the homily, the way communion is done, or the way the Eucharistic ministers are dressed...but I hope you'll realize that it's a place largely run by volunteers or underpaid staff, who make sure you have a place to go where you can be fed. It's a huge sacrifice for most of these people and usually, all they hear are complaints!! 

Zuzu...crawling on the floor at work. Gross, I know - blame Auntie Jen.
(this is her picture too)

This week as I was delving into previously unknown realms of self-pity, I got a call from a lady suffering from an unimaginable situation - hard stuff. I just melted hearing her start to cry and tell me why she needed help. I was able to get her what she needed, but felt so profoundly silly for being so distraught about my wee little inconveniences. 
We took her to the beach again...she's outgrown her swimsuit!!
But lookin' cute with Daddy...

I am super grateful for getting to visit some friends and their brand-new baby tonight. Maybe the best thing about the whole night? Zuzu deciding she was going to try her first solids....
sweet and sour shrimp. 

My mother-in-law brought me this when she came to visit - SO. MUCH. FUN!!!

MY MOM IS COMING THIS WEEKEND. In case it's not obvious enough, j'adore mon maman! When she's here everything feels so much better.

I love this face - the oooh face. She's made it since she was born.

In more baby news, my niece Katie had her chunky monkey little girl this week! We are all happy to welcome this wee one to the family. Please pray for my niece's recovery - it was QUITE the labor and of course, having a first-time mama to a wee newborn can be overwhelming.

Zuzu helping me garden


  1. Zuzu is too cute! Sorry this was a rough week. Prayers that next week is better.


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