Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tuesday Joys

Since Tom is the music-man for Vacation Bible School (VBS) this whole week at church, it means I have a lot more of Zuzu on my hands - and studying in the later hours! 

I, for some mysterious reason, chose this as the time to introduce Zuzu to her own room and her own bed. She's 8 months tomorrow, and when I came in to get her from her nap the other day, there she was - sitting up! My heart gave a big jump and I said, no no this just won't do. It was either a king bed and bed rails (not in the budget or cards), or introduce her to her own room. So she's learning...learning she can sleep there, learning she's allowed to play quietly in there if she wants. We don't fel comfortable with CIO, so when she cries, I go to her - to nurse, pat, rock, snuggle, giggle. She's learning. I'm learning. It's our glamorous life. *wink wink*

Chewing on some rosemary from the garden...

Decides the camera looks more appetizing

I snapped up some frames at Goodwill yesterday - sale, 50 cents each! Sadly...I discovered when I got home that the old Florida citrus ads I intended to use them with, are too large. Le sigh. But aren't the ads pretty anyway?

All my new ones! 

I have several that are already framed and hanging on my (not yet painted...it's only been two years...) walls:

Great colors in this one...

Partial to this one for obvious reasons

We drive through Zolfo Springs to get to my parents' place in Orlando, so I really like this one

Also at Goodwill, some silly people had gotten rid of some truly excellent books, which I snapped up quite quickly:

A whole ton of books from the Redwall series (one of my favorites!) and the 6th Harry Potter on the bottom, without its dust jacket but still in hardcover!

Zuzu was pleased...or at least, she was pleased to get to come home and hang out in the nude.

Hope you're having a great week as well! 

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