Thursday, June 6, 2013

(Belated) Cinco Favoritos

Thank goodness Hallie allows late submissions, cause between Bar studying, a daily running habit, and y'know, dinner, the time to blog is becoming mighty scarce...


The only thing I ever wanted to do in life, but never did, was be something of a folk/bluegrass singer. I always thought I'd be really good at it, but never knew how to learn. Singing along to these amazing ladies and their crazy harmonies is as close as I get! 


In high school, I would buy every new seasonal fragrance Escada put out. I was never disappointed! On a whim, I picked up and sniffed their newest one while in Ulta this week and was pleasantly surprised - I still love them! So summery and nice smelling, nothing that hints at 'dusky' or 'spicy,' which always makes me want to puke. I adore perfume, it's an accessory I never want to be without, but I haven't worn it that much since Zuzu came along. I always worry - is my perfume messing with my natural musk that tells her I'm her mom? Am I overthinking?

Growing things. 

Delosperma, a particularly lovely flowering ground cover

With all this rain, the various plants I try to coax into life are flourishing. How lovely! My basil has all-but out grown its pot, my citrus tree is busy putting out fruit, my variegated ice vine (delosperma) is overflowing its pot, and after I severely cut back my mint, it seems to be coming back. Makes me hopeful that I can grow my family! 


Caption on this one regarding why her husband deserves Father's Day: Better yet, he doesn't even roll his eyes when I read a another parenting book and announce that everything we have been doing is wrong and now we are doing it like this.  On a biweekly basis.  

Have you seen this blog? Hysterical. Warning for language. But so many of her drawings really resonate and anything that can make me snort with laughter deserves a FF mention.

Modern advancements in weather technology. 

Having lived through a tornado, I'm more than a little skittish about bad weather during the Spring and Summertime. In fact, I'm probably downright crazy about it. It makes me jumpy and sometimes causes minor panic attacks (which is awesome when I'm in public places!). And so I'm so grateful that now we have technology that will tell me when tornadoes have been sighted or when they're likely; unlike so many in the past, I have the ability to know when it really is bad or when it's just another Florida thunderstorm. 
(on my mind because we're under tornado watch today)

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  1. The "natural musk" comment made me laugh, I always think the same when I put on perfume!


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