Friday, May 31, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Do I have something to blame my blogging hiatus on...nope. Just normal life. 

Have you seen anything on A Beautiful Body project? Yo, check it (unless you're squeamish about artistic naked photography of which case, don't). I was really moved by the images and the story there; reminded me of The Shape of a Mother website. The fact is that we don't see ourselves reflected in media; we see photoshopped images of people that don't actually exist. I think images like these are so very important because we need to see the beauty in each and every person we meet, and they're not photoshopped. Lets get used to that. 

Whenever I see projects like the above, it really gets me to thinking about embodiment. Bodies! We have bodies AND souls! It's so great. Embodiment is so messy, weird, and enchanting. I love that about Catholicism - it embraces this bodily reality, and raises it up. Christ became man, and he ascended into Heaven - so wherever Heaven is, Jesus is there as a man in a body, right? Incredible. Heaven is a physical reality. It helps me feel better when I'm leaking breast milk, or covered in baby poo. 

Embodiment means MACAROONS !!

la-la-love eggs in pretty containers! I would have these all over the house for keys, jewelry, whatever...cause ceramic is baby-proof, yes?

In that vein, today is the Feast of the Visitation - one of my favorite mysteries. After I became pregnant, meditating on this mystery became a favorite of mine! I love the way mothers, especially pregnant mothers, talk to each other. Share stories, pains, aches, food, tips, tricks. Fellowship at its best. Mary had and needed that, just like us. Faced with a pregnancy that was the Good News, but a great deal of suffering, she sought out female companionship and found "the joy of the Lord" that was her strength. (Nh. 8:10) 

My big sister Kim, Zuzu, and K's husband Eric. 
I love visits with my sisters.

Calah and I were talking about Florida yesterday. I understand her hatred of it; she asked me if I really liked it here. At different times in my life, I would have given different answers. But now, I could honestly say, yes. Florida is home. For as much as I miss autumn in Alabama and spring in D.C., my land of perpetual summer, of gators and mosquitos, lizards and Disney World, hurricanes and droughts, gives me a sense of being connected to my ancestors and my history. You have to be tough to be from Florida; it's not an easy place to love year round.
I like that. 

Florida beauty. Naples Botanical Gardens.

Went to Costco. Felt like I came home as a hoarder. Who needs a 50 pound bag of sugar? Me, apparently. 

Did you know that bleach takes out stains? 
I know that sounds idiotic. But I had tried everything to get this one stain out and then I was like, OH BLEACH AND WATER. Well...guess I was a bit heavy on the bleach. Her bloomers are now a bit lighter colored than before...but spraying it on there and watching the spots literally melt away made me feel like a magician. 
I tried vinegar...Biz...soaking...scrubbing...but bleach. Sigh. I'm a really bad hippy. 

Cousin Maddie thinks I'm weird...

Zuzu rocking Baby Gap

I won't be talking about the Bar much on here...unless I find out some interesting legal, I probably won't. But if you wanna toss up some prayers for me, that'd be great. 

Zuzu and Daddy in the pool...Memorial Day 2013


  1. Martha,

    1. I wish you could meet my sister, Sarah. She just "retired" from her job at Ave Maria Law school (her husband is the dean there). You two are close in proximity and have the same jobs! :)

    2. Zuzu is darling. Seriously.

    3. I love Florida.

    4. I love how things smell disinfected when using bleach. Probably weird, but totally true.

    1. 1. Tell your sister to shoot me an email! I'd love to meet fellow lawyer-like women with brains and morals!
      2. Thank you; she's my husband's twin.
      3. You do? Good, come visit.
      4. I have a fear of bleach because I think my dog or baby will lick a counter and then die of bad bad chemicals...but otherwise, yes, I love bleach.


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