Saturday, May 25, 2013

{Bits and Pieces} a la LMLD

One of my favorite blogs, Like Mother Like Daughter, does a {bits and pieces} post on Saturdays about various fun and thought-provoking items found throughout the week...I thought I'd emulate them and do my own, although they haven't made this series a link-up (they really should!!). 
Please visit them for the original B&P, which has many hilarious links.

  • TMI, if there are any men out there reading this...Following my theme of hating to buy items that I can easily make and reuse, I am eyeing this tutorial for making your own breast pads. However, I have heard that wool actually makes excellent breast pads, so I'm up-cycling an old sweater of Mr. Oram's...that means I have to lanolize it, so I found this great tutorial on lanolizing wool (you can use Lasinoh brand lanolin if you have it on hand for sore nipples, like I do). Fun! (gosh my definition of fun is weird)

  • Jennifer Fulwiler linked to a spectacular article on spiritual direction that I found really quite helpful. Enjoy it here.

  • I discovered an interesting (key: I don't always agree with) blog this week that has a very thought-provoking (for me) discussion on nudity in the home with young children. It's a good question - how long do you let them run around nude, is it only in the home, or in the backyard or frontyard...different for boys or girls? What about pictures of cute little kid tushies - okay, not okay, would you post on Instagram? All considered in the post, When is Naked Okay?

  • Dwija sent me down the rabbit hole this week by linking to a website that reviews homeschooling literature. So now I have ordered some books on Charlotte Mason from the library, and am plowing through one that discusses Montessori's theories of education. Enjoy Cathy Duffy reviews, if you dare - it's a time suck, albeit a productive one.

  • Really sincerely enjoyed Emily Stimpson's How to Become an Annoying Catholic in Eight Easy Steps really challenged and provoked me - not an easy thing to do for someone as prideful as I am. I have considered printing it out and putting it on my fridge, or next to my non-existant-prayer-corner. 

  • Last one I promise - Steve Gershom has great thoughts as always on the intersection of being same-sex attracted and Catholic...or SSA and human, really. Love his article for Catholic Exchange, Coming Out Human, and his calm demeanor in the comment section. I also recommend following him on Twitter (@stevegershom), since his account is very enjoyable and usually hilarious. 
Enjoy and head over to Like Mother, Like Daughter for more bits and pieces! 


  1. I'm sure I'm in the minority in this, but I don't let my kids run around the house naked at all. Not at any age. I used to with my first, but then when she was about two, she started throwing fits about getting dressed to go someplace and after that I just decided it wasn't worth it. For me, it's more a convenience thing than a modesty thing, I like my kids (and I) to be ready to go someplace or answer the door or whatever without having to spend time and hassle getting dressed and I certainly don't want to fight a toddler on it, so I just keep my kids dressed all the time.

    We're not particularly modest in other ways...I mean I breastfeed totally indiscreetly at home just wherever and my kids have no qualms (unfortunately) about walking in on me in the bathroom or shower and they do run naked from the bathroom to their bedroom to get dressed after baths (well the younger ones do, my oldest, who is 11 always wears a towel or dresses in the is defintiely true as the article said that kids get naturally more modest as they get older). But, we never just walk around naked or just hang out naked. We're only naked for showering or changing clothes and for that we're not super modest.

    As far as public nudity goes..again..I never let my kids run around naked in public..not at any age, but I will change a diaper in public if there is no bathroom with changing table and at the beach, I'll strip my baby down and shower her off totally naked to get all the sand off so I can get her dressed in clean clothes/diaper for the drive home. With my other kids, public showering wasn't an issue because we were never at beaches with public showers, but I think my general rule is I would have my kids rinse off/shower at the beach naked until they are out of diapers, at which point I would have them keep their swimsuits on. That just seems most practical, as I'd want to change a diapered baby or toddler into a clean and dry diaper for the ride home.

    1. I'm shocked! I thought you'd be all about the nudity! But what you said makes sense - it's certainly easier to get ready to go, etc. when everyone is already dressed.

      I've never thought much about diaper changes, but I guess that *does* count as nudity! I change diapers pretty much anywhere...including one of the nicely manicured lawns out at Ave Maria...


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