Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Five Favorites!

I know it's mind-boggling that I could have a different favorite five things every week, but my life is a fast-paced (n)ever-changing thrill ride, so you should just get used to it! 
Linking up with Hallie again...

This man: 
My husband. This is the photo that comes up when you google image search his name (at least, it's the first one that's actually him). 

Sorry I know this isn't something that improves your life or a product that will magically make you look like an 18-yr old Swiss bikini model, but he makes my life roses and makes me feel pretty. My knee pain has gotten pretty bad so between that and a no-sleep baby last night, I was pretty frazzled when 10pm rolled around. My beloved volunteered to sleep in the guest room so I could have the bed to myself, to use 10 gazillion pillows to prop up my knee into a semi-comfy position and not have to sleep on the postage stamp of space that Zuzu usually leaves me. 
Blessing, I tell you, blessing! 

This recipe for chicken tikka masala. (from the Pioneer Woman)

If any of you love Indian food like I do, this recipe will satisfy your craving for all the exotic goodness you're too cheap to pay $23 in a restaurant. The recipe is pretty simple and uses mostly ingredients I already have, the only thing I have to remember to buy for it is garam masala (a spice which I should really buy in bulk) and sometimes Greek yogurt. 


If you have hair that takes forever to blow-dry, I find this stuff does help. I can't rant and rave about how it cuts my blow drying time in half (that's only possible if I majorly thin my hair), but it does shave off some time and it smells great. Right now it's the only product I use in my hair, and I find it also works to smooth my hair out. I think that makes it worth the price, since it's the only thing I use outside of shampoo and conditioner (plus I bought it with a coupon).


My mom got me this book in 2005, before either of us was Catholic, but when I was in RCIA. I really love sitting down with this book, and praying a litany or two, plus some prayers for families, while Zuzu is napping.
My favorite prayer from this book is entitled "A Prayer of an Indian Christian":

O tree of Calvary,
send your roots deep down 
into my heart.
Gather together the soil of my heart, 
the sands of my fickleness, 
the mud of my desires. 
Bind them all together, 
O tree of Calvary, 
interlace them with thy strong roots, 
entwine them with the network 
of thy love. 

Delicious (almost) Guilt-Free Treats from Epiphany Gluten-Free Bakery

Epiphany is owned by a friend of mine, Ruth, and is a local business. Ruth is a mom to three precious kiddos and found a GF-diet to be most beneficial to her health. She sells paleo bread, Bodacious Brownies (shown above), carrot-ginger sweet bread, and tons of other amazing treats! They are all G-free and usually made with better sweetners, like honey or agave. If you're in the area, be sure to check her out !

That's all I have here on this rainy day. Oram out!


  1. Hmmmm...going to have to try the spray. And must. remember. to order garam masala!!!

    1. I really think it's best ordered in bulk! The above recipe calls for 3 tablespoons, which is half a jar of the McCormick stuff you get at the regular store (although maybe it's different at the commissary? depending on where you're stationed, they might have it)

      Let me know what you think of the spray! Might be different for your hair type!

  2. I think we have that Catholic prayer books someplace. Now, I need to go see if I can dig it out. Anything that helps me pray more, could certainly be good.

    1. I really like it...between that and George Weigel's "The Courage to be Catholic," I might narrowly avoid hell this week.



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