Thursday, May 16, 2013

Five Favs: Around the House Edition

Today's post is coming from my big sister's guest room, as the babe and I are visiting my family in Orlando. My poor husband could not come, so I am blogging to distract me from his absence, as I miss him terribly...
Back home, as more and more work goes on in L'Orangerie, my mind has been dreaming about all the lovely items I want to fill it with to make it feel more like home. Here are some of those items...


Done by Etsy artist Magnesia, I just love this photograph! Ever since visiting Italy, I have a great fondness in my heart for St. Peter's Square and that wonderful way that it feels like home for all the millions of Catholics who visit each year. The balloons make it real the joy that I felt when stepping into that space for the first time...!

A Child's Prayer by Jessie Willcox Smith
I adore this print - I adore pretty much anything by this illustrator! Unfortunately, I cannot find this particular print for sale, anywhere. I can find many others of hers that I like, but I can only find pics of this one. Weird, huh? 
Still I love it. I already have Books in Winter, given to me by my mom, and it hangs in Zuzu's room. This artist also illustrated my favorite version of Little Women.


I love me some ABCs - and this fun whimsical one is one of my favorites! I had this game I used to play as a kid (I'm not even kidding), where my job was to make the other kids laughing by counting sequentially. So all I could say was, "1, 2, 3, 4..." but I had to say in such a way that made all the other kids laugh. Guess what? I ROCKED that game - and this print reminds me of the same idea. The letters  are presented like words - with personalities and a message. 
Love that. 


Collective nouns are possibly the best thing in the English language. The number and poetry of them is staggering and lovely; I can scarcely get enough. Unfortunately, good posters illustrating such wonderful imagery are few and far between. The above is the best I've been able to find, but that isn't saying much. There's another one out there that I don't care for, but it's by Woop Studios if you care to check it out.

Virgin Mary Art Print by ModHMary (aka Elise Faurote)

I really love so much of this lady's work, and I encourage you to check out her Etsy shop! I think this print is particularly nice as it has the Hail Mary in Latin, if that is important for you to teach your kiddos. I would like this in Zuzu's room...

So that's it for me, reporting live from Orlando, dreaming of Naples - and hope your favorites are all coming true! 


  1. oh I love all the pics you've posted, especially the photo of St. Peter's. I recently discovered Margaret Tarrant and just LOVE her illustrations. I think you might, too.

    1. Wow! Her stuff is beautiful! Thank you so much for telling me about her! Sorry it took so long to respond to your comment...I've been weeding through spam comments, and some non-spammers got lost in the shuffle!!


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