Saturday, May 11, 2013

Prayers, Please

I hope y'all are having a happy Saturday...

Just a quick post to ask for prayers for an amazing blogger, Mrs. Rebecca Frech over at Shoved to Them. Her daughter was in a very damaging accident and is in the hospital; this is after she (the daughter!) has been dealing with her diagnoses of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis for the past year. The poor child has so much to deal with; I can only imagine how hard it is for Rebecca to see her young daughter suffer so much.

It's a very scary time for their family and I know they would appreciate the support. Since it's a Saturday in the month of May, I'm going to offer up a rosary for them today. It's also the second day of the Holy Spirit Novena, if you are praying it to end on Pentecost, so you might include this in your intentions. 

Holy Mary, Mother of Perpetual Help, hear our prayer. 
Holy Mary, healthy of sinners, hear our prayer. 
Holy Mary, comfort of the afflicted, hear our prayer. 
Holy Spirit, the comforter, have mercy on us.

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