Wednesday, May 22, 2013

5 Favorites

In case you thought I'd pass up a chance to tell you all the things I'm coveting lately...
you're wrong. 

Monogrammed tervis.

Although you can find these on Etsy, they're technically  just a plain tervis with a vinyl label on the although Etsy sellers have cooler fonts, at least the above won't wash off ever. This would go nicely with my previously mentioned monogrammed beach hat.
Can you tell I love monograms? Is it a Southern thing? 


Not to be confused with the cheap purveyor of excellent party goods, this store is based out of New Orleans and carries beautiful traditional children's clothing. I was raised wearing clothes out of Little House on the Prairie (that is not a joke - boots with long dresses plus braids was my life), so this place appeals to my love of smocking and dresses that don't look like they came from Cissy's House of Whores (what? isn't that a place?). 
Notice I did not say they were cheap. 

AKA my (second) favorite holiday. 

I LOVE 4th of July. Love it so much I got married 4th of July weekend and reeeeally want to have a Yankee-Doodle baby. I know it's still a ways off, but I am already gearing up. Last year, I kept my Fourth wreath up...for all of summer. I also kept my American flag table cloth on the table and of course, we fly Old Glory every day on the front porch. 
Party at my place on the 4th?? 

Do you have one of these near you? 
Neither do I. There's one in Miami or Orlando; either way a significant drive. 
But when I was visiting the fam up in Orlando, we visited. I love it everytime I go...not for furniture so much, but definitely for kitchen stuffs! 
My haul: 6 cloth placemats, one bread pan, a strainer, a big hanger thingy for cloth diapers, plus a queen size duvet cover and pillow cases - under $50. Score. 

Lilo and Stitch

I love this movie. LOVE IT. When summertime comes, I want this movie playing - which is dumb, because it's about Hawai'i where it is eternally summer, not unlike where I live now. But still. Love it. So many great lines...

Aloha, y'all.


  1. There is an Ikea in Tampa :). Right by our new house!

    I will have to watch that movie with kids!

    1. In TAMPA? Get out!! Now I have 10K more reasons to visit you...

      Lilo and Stitch is hilariouuuussss!!! I love it for portraying a family situation that is less than ideal, but that the term 'family' can be broader than biology...!


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