Tuesday, April 16, 2013

5 Things: Vol. 1

I know it's all feast or famine over here at SHC-world, but sometimes, you just gotta share. Joining Hallie for the first time EVAH to share all the things I love...

Avocado and bacon. Has there ever been such a heavenly pair? 

In the morning, I like to have avocado, bacon, and one egg on a piece of toast. HEAVEN. Tonight I got super creative and made mango/black bean salsa (mango, black beans, lime juice, pepper, tomatoes...yum) to go over pork + bacon tacos topped with avocado. So easy, so good. 

Monogrammed floppy hats. 

like this fancy one off Etsy (ignore the ugly Tennessee colors - Vols, ew). 
Is there anything to make the beach more glamorous? I am still not feeling, er, exactly in bathing suit shape, but I have the feeling I will waddle walk along the beach with confidence if I doff one of these pretties!

Seagram's Sparkling Seltzer Water.

As much as I'd love to drink something bad for me all day, I can no longer ignore that aspartame could really be killing me not-so-softly and I should probably take care of myself. Since Italy gave me the ability to finally like sparkling water, my pick is Seagram's (usually can find coupons) - it's cost efficient, no calories, no aspartame, but mucho fun (at least, as much as you can have in a can). Plus, it's not regular water, which sometimes has the habit of getting on my nerves. 

Nursing necklaces. 

From DesignML

I don't own one (yet...Mothers Day is coming...HINT HINT HUSBAND) but they are so adorable, so chic! I have all but given up on jewelry with babykins now becoming grabbykins...but maybe this will save me from a life devoid of accessories (this and some clip-ons). 


I have read almost everything the man has written. He writes historical fiction about the lives of saints. Basically, he reads everything available on the saint, including their writings, and then writes a novel version of their life. I have found them invaluable for several reasons: a) they're not dense at all and very simple to understand, which is great since I'm reading them in snatches as I nurse throughout the day; b)  they give real context to the lives of the saints which helps me to better understand their denser writings; c) they inspire me more than reading a 'devotional' book might. 
So far, my favs have been Lay Siege to Heaven (Catherine of Siena) and the Spear (about Longinus, the soldier who pierced the side of Christ and later converted - whose statute is in St. Peter's, bee tee dubs). 

Go to Hallie and check out ALL THE THINGS. 


  1. LOVE those floppy hats, too cute! Any recommendations on Etsy of where to look exactly?

    1. Hmmm well the link I provided was to one shop in particular whose stuff I liked the look of, but I personally have not bought from any etsy seller of monogrammed hats!
      Ill probably buy from someone who has a fair price($30~) and cute designs (cooler fonts like the one pictures and great colors) plus good ratings!
      If I buy one, ill let you know!

  2. Thanks for the book recommendations!!

  3. The nursing necklaces are so cute. I've been eyeing some on Etsy. And I love floppy hats for the beach!

    1. Nursing necklaces should be standard 'push presents.' Great way to feel fun without a) breaking the bank and b) giving something toxic to your baby to chew on. Win-win!

  4. I've been avoiding all things aspartame for some time now. Sucralose as well. I love diet soda, but gave up drinking it because of the synthetic sweetener. Imagine my delight when I found a new diet soda "Zevia" which contains no artificial sweetener or sugar. It uses Stevia extract (also known as Reb A).
    For those days when water just won't do...

    1. Whaaat! I am so excited about this. Zevia, huh? Where do you get it? I haven't seen it at any of my local haunts (Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Publix, Walmart...I'm an equal opportunity shopper)

  5. Since I married into a family of Tennessee fans.

    "(ignore the ugly Tennessee colors - Vols, ew). "

    them be fightin' words!

    I LOVE sparkling water too! It's supposed to be really healthy too..like it increases your oxygen levels or something..or maybe that's just hype!

    1. Haha! You married into a Vol family!?! The horror!! :) In this family all we say is Roll Tide and Go Blue! Thank goodness my husband didn't attend another SEC school...we'd never have gotten married!!

      I hope sparkling water is good for me...Lord knows I eat like a teenager boy, so I need something to help me out!

  6. Can't go wrong with bacon and avocado!

    ohhh, I like the teething necklaces pictured better than the ones at eco baby. :)

    Getting me some of those books! I love historical fiction. Thanks :).

    1. You had a super cute one on the other night! I was impressed!!

      If you want some de Wohl books, just borrow mine! I have a ton :)


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