Sunday, April 14, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Birthday sand All that Jazz

Hosted by Grace because Jen is busy lovin' on the new little man!! Congrats Jen! 

Mr. Oram and I's birthdays are one week apart from each other, so we usually like to do something together. However...the week before his birthday, we were struck with the plague, so I didn't do ANYTHING for his birthday. No card, no gift (I had made plans for the gift, but buying/getting it delivered didn't happen), no cake, no dinner...just slow recovery, ginger ale, and lots of laundry. 
WINNING for sure. 

on the other hand, as usual, my husband totally showed me up by surprising me with MY PARENTS for my birthday. Y'all know how much I love my mom...and I got to see my DAD too!! It was blissful. Funny how I spent most of my adult life trying to stay away from Florida and now I'm so happy to be back, and I wish we lived even closer.

Mom, Me, Dad - Bama game!

Have you ever returned to a place of fond memories, only to find you're not sure why those memories are quite so fond? 
For my birthday, we went to my fav French restaurant...only to have me discover that suddenly, this was not my favorite restaurant anymore. The food was good, wine was good, service was fine - but the thing that was the best? The company. That's what really mattered. "the experience" wasn't what I remembered it being. 
Sorry Dad - I still do really appreciate you picking up the check. Next birthday, Taco Bell? I'll buy!

Gratuitous picture of my childless self...just had jetted out to San Diego for a moot court competition...I slept in a queen bed alone. Amazing what I took for granted.

Speaking of that special dinner, while there, Zuzu was playing with bread. She's not really eating yet...just playing with food (baby led weaning, blah blah dirty hippie, blah blah). But I can see she tore off this chunk of bread and doesn't know what to do with it. I feel inside her mouth (wooo parenting!!) just in time to feel it slip down her throat. 'Huh,' I think 'we're either going to have some major choking going on or she's going to gag it up.' So I pick her up in anticipating of either joy and she...throws up. All over my purty dress. ALL OVER. Like Linda Blair here! Endless pouring out! Her cup ranneth over, onto my dress! 
I was cracking up. I've waited 28 years for this - it's here! I'm the mom! The one that gets puked on! It's my kid! For some made me feel so happy. Like "well, I've arrived. I'm the one that gets to deal with the mess." 
Yeah maybe I was just drunk.

coolest baby EVER

Um, so then, as if all that excitement weren't enough, my husband got me a SEWING MACHINE. 

Singer - Quantum Stylist 9660! 

Don't worry, he's not being insulting - I asked for this. And I am so excited to have it! It's perfect 'cause it has some bells and whistles, but not enough to scare a newbie like me to death. So far I've been hemming cloth wipes. Wow, my life is so. exciting. 
But if I mess up, who cares? I know that everyone has better things to do than sit at the playground and say "Did you see what Mrs. Oram wipes her baby's butt with? Such crooked hems!" 

Almost made it through without baby waking lightening quick:

Our microwave broke. PANIC. 


  1. Cooling sewing machine. Hemming baby wipes is what I did with mine as well...and no one ever noticed that my baby wipes have crooked hems.

    I'm a dirty hippie who does baby led weaning as well...and Elsa LOVES strawberries and apples and bananas. SHe doesn't really eat them...just suck on them. I can already tell she is going to have a sweet tooth. :)

    1. Well I've heard breastmilk is really sweet, so maybe that's just what she's used to? Although Zuzu gummed a pickle today and seemed to like maybe my theory is wrong.

      Do you know how to sew? Can I force you to give me lessons?


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