Sunday, April 28, 2013

7QT: darnit

I wrote almost my whole thing...and then did something and lost it. 
Very VERY annoyed. 
Still joining Jen and the gang because I can't resist a good link up. 

I had a party at my house on Friday - and it went great! I loved having so many of my favorite people in one place, and introducing them all to each other. On the plus side, nobody starved (my greatest fear about parties) - although I did feed a friend's children beer margaritas because I did not label the pitcher and apparently they look a lot like iced tea. (sorry about that Marcie) 
Colleen with the babes

Mary chatting with Jen (whose son Dom was being a bit clingy)

Gluten free cookies, lovingly made by Colleen

Keepin' it simple - burgers and dogs

My other bff from college, Colleen, was here this weekend with her baby Miriam, who's only 20 days younger than Zuzu.  It's been so great to have her here and to watch our girls play (and fight) together! I see many more of these trips in the future. 

Mamas and beach babes

The two sweet babies...we can tell from this picture who is the high maintenance one (hint: it's mine) 

I got new running shoes. Asics Nimbus 15: 

I wanted to get those ones that look like I did a color run: 
But those are technically triathalon shoes and with my knee pain, I wanted to go with the shoe that felt the best, which was the Nimbus. 
Very grateful to my mother and father for buying me these shoes. Thank you!! (I know you both read this) 

Ok not really; I haven't given  Zuzu any lessons yet (I think we'll start this summer at our YMCA). But I did take her to the beach with the gals yesterday and actually take her in the water! Not just dippin' the toesies in! 

She didnt' cry so long as I was holding her! She's getting so big!! 

Speaking of getting big, I'm beginning to realize what a big girl Susannah really is becoming. She is trying very hard to pull herself up on things, and can just hang out and play by herself for quite a while. We got a baby sign language kit (well, I have to go pick it up) that I'm going to start with her because I know her brain can process far more than her tongue can yet express. I've been working with her on "more," "thank you," "milk," and "book" right now - the only ones I know off hand! 

(hm a phrase that doesn't even look exciting in all caps)
We moved our ginormous coffee table out of the living room for the party, so that we could use the space for kiddos who didn't enjoy playing in the heat (and it IS hot). Now I sort of like it this way, with no coffee table, a la Kristin's living room - but I don't think I want it to stay looking the mini- FAO Schwartz it looks like now. I need some sign that adults live here...we're not even outnumbered (yet)!

The day before the party I said to my husband, "I'm going to paint the front door! And the shutters!! and you're going to buy and install new door handlesets!" 
Yeah, that happened. I am still grateful to Mr. O for all his hardwork - the doors and shutters look fantastic (don't listen to anyone who says you can't paint vinyl, that's what my shutters are) and we both agree it really freshens up the house. Although now we need to pressure wash our (white) siding in a big big way cause it looks super dingy next to our bright turquoise accents...

No joke, this is the color of our front door. Hey we live .8 miles from the water, we can pull it off!! right...

Hope y'alls week was as eventful as mine!


  1. Pictures of the front door/shutters!!!

  2. Those shoes look so cool! Jealous!

    Your party looks like it was so much fun....I was bummed that we couldn't make it. Happy belated birthday!

    1. The shoes are every bit as cool as they look! If you need new kicks and have some $$, check out Fit2Run in Coconut Point - they are AWESOME. Also, I have a membership there, so if you really do need new shoes, I'll give you my membership card and you get 10% off. I already have another friend who has used it, so feel free!
      (I bought it just b/c I'm hoping to be logging enough miles to need new shoes in 6 months...)

  3. Your party was super duper fun :). Love the pics on the beach.

    Zuzu will love baby sign, good call!

    YOur paint was awesome, I meant to tell you that tonight!

    1. We were so happy you guys could come - and thank you so much for the yummy fruit salad! I'm sorry I didn't get a pic of it to post here!
      Poor Mr. O was going to kill me for making party day the same as home project day....oh well...we survived. :)

  4. You are definitely one busy Mommy, Martha. There are lots of things going on with your life. It's undeniable that among these, painting your siding and door would seem less fun. But it needed your attention, so it had to be addressed. But in any case you feel like you would rather focus on the other activities, call a professional contractor to do it for you. I’ve seen the result, by the way. And I agree with you; it looks stunning with the white and blue combination.

    Nelson @ Royal Roofing & Siding


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