Thursday, April 18, 2013

Seven Quicktakes: Summer Edition!

Seven Quicktakes

Seven Quicktakes by martij on Polyvore

Joining Jen...well, no, Grace...with all the 7 quick takes!

The title is misleading; really...every edition from here until maybe November will be more or less summer, because we live in southwest Florida. But it's starting to feel like summer! Long hours of daylight, gardening projects, and...GRILLING.

Grilling really deserves it's own take. My generous in-laws (Mr. O's parents and sis/BIL) and parents all contributed so that we could get an awesome grill for our birthdays! It's good size, stainless steel, and promises to be the answer to all our cooking woes (the oven makes the house too hot, Zuzu inevitably wants to nurse in the middle of dinner and Mr. O doesn't know what to do when I ask him to 'check' things in the oven...)
We used it for the first time tonight and it was SO awesome!!

Ever since I actually started to like running (2007), it's been a love hate relationship. I love what running does for my body, my self-confidence, my prayer life (long hours running leads to rosary praying). I am proud of the lost toenails and funky tan lines. And yet...when I'm out of it, getting back into it feels like torture!
But today...oh today. I went out and there. I. was. Running! Just running. Running like it was just another day, back to asphalt, oh yeah, do it all the time, what's the big deal, not even winded...

I had a lady doctor appointment today - back to my midwife and the birthing center where Zuzu was born. We haven't been there in...six months! It was awesome going back together. All the gals oohed and awed over lil' missy and we got to go back to the room (The Ocean Room) and pray in thanksgiving for so many prayers answered! A healthy pregnancy, healthy baby, amazing family...we were overwhelmed with gratitude!

My newest obsession is Hallie's 5 Favorites (can you blog about a link up on another link up??? Well I am!). So now I'm trying to hold back on some things here because I am saving them for Hallie!! Whaaat. Crazy.

I redid my blog again! I needed something more colorful, more summery...I really like it.
Also - you like the fun social media buttons to the side? (I'm still playing with them, hate that they're uneven...) I found a great tutorial on how to upload these adorable free icons - and it was (really) idiot proof...and I know that's true because I did it! Very grateful to those ladies for sharing their design ability with mere mortals like myself...

I am enjoying my sewing machine SO. MUCH. Even though all I have been doing is hemming away at those little cloth brings me great joy. I'm getting used to the feel of the machine, how it all works, trouble shooting...really looking forward to getting more creative and doing more projects! However, I do also need to get back to my knitting...I had just gotten the hang of it when babykins came and now, whelp...I hope I remember!


  1. My MIL gave me a sewing machine but I have no idea how to even get it thredded... and youtube videos didn't help. I think I am not the sewing type lol.

    Jealous of the grill! It sounds amazing!

    I like the blog layout better because it doesn't have that popout thing. It made it hard to scroll down and wouldn't work on my phone at all when I clicked over from my bloglovin' feed. So yes, this one is great!

  2. I like your new blog layout a lot! No offense..but I didn't care for the popout thing.

    It can be a lot of fun to experiment with sewing. I've been enjoying mine a lot too!

  3. Well the consensus is in...nobody liked the popout thing but me!! C'est la vie.

    I think we need group sewing lessons...those who know what they're doing, can teach those of us that are clueless! If only we all lived in the same geographic area...

  4. Hello! After months of reading Jen's blog and hearing (reading?) about you, I've finally found your blog randomly through 7QTs! Can't believe it's taken this long, I feel like I know you...ok I sound like a creep. whatevs.

    I broke out my sewing machine for the first time in about a year this past weekend and had forgotten how much fun it is! I finally made one of those neck-warmers-with-rice bags....soooo greatttt.

    1. Hi!! Creepers welcome! This is a creep-friendly blog space...(Except for all you creepy male types out there- not friendly to you)

      oooh neckwarming rice bag...that sounds simple enough! Jen has been wanting me to make her curtains, but I think I'll try one of toddler pillow case dresses first. Have you seen them? Easy, virtually pattern-less...hopefully really easy cause I'm sort of a dunce!

      Thanks so much for reading!

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