Monday, April 29, 2013

Because You Asked...

Since all one of you asked, here are the much coveted pics of my front door and shutter re-do...

Front door

Shutters to the left of front door

The front door was this horrid maroon that appalled me beyond measure. I just decided I couldn't take it anymore...and faded/chipped/rusted faux-gold hardware? Eau neaux! 

Another (decidedly more crooked) view of the shutters

The new hardware (brushed nickel, much more my taste) 

Also, in case you too wrestle with vinyl in your life, be assured - you can paint it! It will definitely peel off if you scratch at it, but y'know what my solution is? DON'T SCRATCH AT IT. It even maintained the fake wood grain look, in case you were worried about losing that...

See? Can you see the beautiful fake wood grain?? Amazing! 

And in case you wanted to see another little project I'm working on, here's my wee succulent pot...and the two smallest one are transplants my neighbor Denise so lovingly let me pick! I think they're taking off and I'm VERY excited.

Succulents. Not to be confused with a succubus (really sorry for that link). 

And as of today, I should have a lot more time for these little projects because, well, today was my last real day at my job! My transition out has been gradual and mutual, and I can honestly say I'm leaving with no hard feelings. Mostly I had to stop working because Zuzu is getting to be quite the handful and Tom and I remain open to giving her siblings in God's timing. We're still really proud to be a part of SJE, and I'm glad to be able to get Zuz on a bit more of a regular schedule! 

Stay tuned for more home improvement fun...


  1. Ahhh even prettier than I was picturing it! We have faded vinyl shutters that look exactly like yours (and also... we have a faded maroon door lol), so I may have to start scheming non-beach appropriate colors :).

    1. Thanks!
      It's really easy! I thought it was going to be hard...I was reading all these pinterest tutorials about how to paint a door, ect. ect. - pish posh, apple sauce! Just do it!
      I painted the shutters ON the house because they are attached to the house via shutter locs and in order to get them off, you have to cut them off (then buy new hardware to put them back on). I just taped the house and painted them.
      The door, I did do the cut ins with a brush and rolled the wider portions (after removing the handleset). Really no bigs.
      4 shutters and one door took about a half gallon, but we had to really layer it on thick! I feel like you could get away with some funky colors in Raleigh...but maybe I'm wrong. :) Find a color that makes your heart sing - and be sure to post about it if you do it!!

  2. I LOVE this! So cute! I'm also a huge fan of color, so this makes my eyes very happy :) aaaand your porch is to die for! love love love.


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