Sunday, June 9, 2013

Lazy Sunday Bits and Pieces

Sometimes I have wondered if my family will ever experience Sundays the way others talk about them. We do not get to all leisurely relax or sleep-in; Mr. Oram gets up at 6:15 to get ready and head to play the 7am Mass. He does comes home for a leisurely lunch, if there are no extra Masses for the day, but then leaves again for rehearsal and evening Mass. Sunday as a day set aside for rest and extra prayer - well, at least he gets the latter if not the former! 

But today, as I registered in the early morning haze that he was kissing my forehead before walking out the door, I snuggled into the covers and gave a contented sigh. When Zuzu woke up, we played around a bit - watered the plants, walked the dog, video chatted with my parents. Then I put her down for naptime early - she seemed tired - and we snuggled in bed. She was a bit fussy, so I just pulled her into my chest and stroked her head, which in a surprising moment of calm, she let me do. I stroked her head for a long time, till I felt her breath, deep and easy. I laid her back down and she startled a bit, wanting to nurse for juuuust a wee moment. I obliged. It felt like Sunday afterall - no hurrying to jump up and study, no rushing to get her down and get on with chores. Just time to drink in her sweetness. 

I love nursing. I love every part of nursing. I love the connection between she and I, the cuddles it promotes, the way it can be sweet or silly at turns. I adore it when Mr. O lays in bed or on the couch with us, holding me as I hold her - looking down at her with me. I don't feel apart from him when we nurse; I feel his eyes on me, know that he is proud of me. It brings a feeling of deep satisfaction about my body, not unlike how I felt after her birth. I am grateful this Sunday for my ability to nurse my daughter and be so supported in it. 

Interesting links for the week: 

  • I really adored this slideshow of Extreme Breastfeeding Images. I found the pictures funny and inspiring! Women who take their children with them out into the world are enforcing the idea that our ability to be engaged with the 'greater' world should not come at the sacrifice of family life. 

  • A fascinating look at how some Orthodox Jews view breastfeeding. I have a deep and abiding love of Orthodox Judaism; I always say if I hadn't become Catholic, I'd be either OJ, Mormon, or Amish. Pretty much anyone with a strong sense of culture and a tradition of headcovering. :) 

  • I thought this compilation of the faces of grooms seeing their brides was heartwarming. What a lovely moment that is indeed! I'm reminded of the line in the Twila Paris song, 'How Beautiful' - "how beautiful/ the radiant Bride/who waits for her Groom/ with his light in her eyes/how beautiful/ when humble hearts give/ the fruit of pure love/ so that others may live/ How beautiful!" When I was walking down the aisle, all I saw was Mr. Oram waiting for me - it felt like I think Heaven will feel like, if I get there, God willing! Clouds of witnesses on either side, but I only have eyes for my Lover, who waits for me with joy and expectation! 

  • Lastly, have you heard of Imagine Sisters? They are a movement to show religious life to America. Although religious sisters used to be ubiquitous with Catholic schools, they were disappearing for a while there...but not anymore! This movement shows the vibrancy and beauty of resurging religious life in America. Sound great? Well, even better, they're making a documentary called Light of Love! Watch the trailer here. But they need help to make it. Would you consider giving even a dollar for their efforts? As these are women who have made vows of poverty, they are relying totally on donations to make this film! Please if you can, support their efforts and in so doing, support religious vocations.
I hope you all have a restful, prayerful Sunday! 

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  1. Do you attend LLL? You totally would love it there! 2 of the leaders in the Naples groups are friends of mine (homeschoolers..too!).

    Anyway, I love nursing too...I really do love it. I once heard a speaker at a LLL conference ask the rhetorical question "If you could feed formula from your breasts or breastmilk from a bottle, which would you chose?" And, I would actually choose formula from my breasts...because I love the act of nursing and the simplicity of it and how calming and soothing it is..and I love the fact that my baby has grown so big solely on my milk (well she eats tiny nibbles of food now, but nothing much to speak of). My older kids all nursed past their 3rd birthday because we loved it.


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