Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Dear Lord, I have writer's block.

I want to write. I feel like I have something to write. I even wrote about three posts. One I deleted entirely.

But I can't post them. It's making me irritiable. I literally snapped at my husband - no LITERALLY. Like with my teeth. He doesn't think fake-biting is funny. (he would've really suffered growing up in my house, where we were basically feral cats biting and swiping at each other all day...well, me and my brother anyway)

I wish I had children that were endless fodder for blog posts, but Zuzu doesn't talk so there is no "Zuzu Says." Zuzu also is an only child, and so is constantly supervised, so rarely gets into much trouble. Shall I regail you with the time she drank too much water too fast and coughed?? Or how about the time I found her happily munching on a (very old, seriously why wasn't it in the trash, it was negative, no sentimental value) pregnancy test?? I know you want to hear about how I say, ten thousand times a day, "Tsoo-saaah-naaah!!" (rhymes with hosanna, not banana - she really loves hearing her name and I say it weird, I don't know why)

Most the things she does that are funny to me involves this sniffing game we play when she's nursing. When I know she's almost done, but just lingering and I want to get on with the day, I star to sniff really loudly. "SNIFF SNIFF" and then she looks up and smiles (while remaining latched, I am baffled by her genius) and pauses to get "sniff sniff!" then again I really exaggeratedly go "SNIFF SNIFF" and she giggles (aaaalmost unlatching) and goes "sniff sniff snifffffff!" This goes on for a while until she's just laughing and then I can put her down and she doesn't pout for being popped off the boob too early.

Also I'm reading a book that I cannot confess the name of, because I don't like admitting I read anything other than quality literature. So that's also very exciting.

Tomorrow I head to Orlando for my mom's birthday. At least my extended family is funny and interesting and maybe they'll give me something to write about (they all can talk and are tragically unsupervised).

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  1. Have fun in Orlando! We'll miss you guys though. And just enjoy every moment you have with Zuzu even if she's not talking yet...she will soon and then this stage of her life will be over. I definitely understand though...I partly haven't written a blog in weeks because I don't have anything new to write about it. I don't have kids so I don't have kid stories...just stuck in life and on blogspot lol!


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