Monday, October 21, 2013

Plum Cake and Small Victories

Inspired by Deidre's latest post on plum cake - and the huge box of Costco plums I bought because I was certain I'd do something with them for Zuzu's birthday party (which I promptly did NOT) - I made a delicious plum cake yesterday. True to my nature, I ignored my lack of a spring form pan and instead used a bundt pan - and doubled the batter recipe, since the amount it made seemed much too small. Result?

Delicious. So delicious that I couldn't even nab pics before it was half gone!

I am also now in the process of making plum jam. Results pending!

Zuzu's newest words are 'baby' and 'uh-oh.' She is now quite fond of kissing all the pictures of babies she sees...which mostly means kissing pictures of herself. My little narcissist...

In other news, fellow blogger Kelle Hampton is also a Neopolitan and yet, I have never been able to figure out where her famed Isle of Capri is. BUT AT LAST! I have. I won't give up her secret unless you are also local and need a beach haunt, but I am very proud of my detective work and can't wait to go check it out for myself.
Side note: why do I live so close to the beach and yet go so rarely? This is a travesty.

Zuzu is thwarted in dishwasher 'helping'

baby behind bars

Y'know, just your typical beautiful storage room nursery...

In other news, I greatly enjoyed Colleen Dugan's recent post about dealing with those who inquire about your family size. What a Christ-centered perspective...very helpful to someone like me, who views her sole purpose on this earth as putting rude people in their place.

Later this week we head to Alabama, first time since the tornado. I've been having visions of houndstooth just for the occasion...and Mom got Zuzu the most darling dress off Etsy. Can you say, Roll Tide??

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