Friday, April 18, 2014

How Does a Mother Spend Good Friday?

How I think I should spend Good Friday (with more clothes, perhaps)

Since my conversion, I have traditionally spend the day almost entirely in silence. I was fasting, of course, and would mostly pray and do light housework. After the liturgy, I would watch the Passion of Christ, and then pray a rosary. I'd go to bed early with a rumbling belly. 

But not now.
"Mama, uppy!"

There's no shushing a sweet toddler, is there? I can't tell Zuzu not to shout "BUN-EY" with abandon, or to stop smiling because "Jesus died today!" It'd be a bit harsh, wouldn't it?

The ever-popular one shoulder look...

So instead, I'm trying to create our own cross buns at snack time, with 'eeee!' (tea) No upbeat music to clean to, and mostly quietly reading books. Early nap to prepare for the liturgy at 3pm. Preparations for tomorrow's meal and of course, Sunday. It helps that the weather has complied - overcast and rainy. It gives an appropriate feel.

Good Friday feels like a day I should be sad - a day I should just sit and think about Christ's Passion. But there are other ways to call to mind this ultimate sacrifice...showing Zuzu how to kiss Jesus' 'boo-boos' (showing her the five wounds of Christ on every crucifix we pass, and letting her touch and kiss each). 

So I dress for a funeral and try to convey to Susannah that today is that we think about Jesus even more than usual, that we think about his 'boo boos,' and offer what we have. Even our choice of clothing is an offering - she's wearing red and I'm wearing black. For reference, I'm wearing an outfit similar to the picture below, including the babywearing (although I'll probably opt for the Boba over a ring sling and lets be honest, 30 minutes in, I'll be barefoot in the back row because my feet hurt):

Good Friday

Good Friday by martij featuring black leather shoes
The great black hat is from Jen for my birthday, the dress is a similar one from Dillard's (on sale), the shoes are from Nordstrom Rack, and the purse is only in my dreams (I am almost always carrying this one instead - a lovely Christmas gift from my Uncle Chad and Aunt Paula).

Hope everyone has a peaceful Good Friday - however you can. 

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