Saturday, April 12, 2014

Wedding Song

Breaking my blogging silence to chime in on Grace's wedding song link-up...

Flower girls, anticipating the day ahead

We have been married for 2, almost 3, years now. Looking back on our wedding, I see so many signs that I was just not myself at that particular moment in my life. But one thing that stands out as something that absolutely was me, was us, is our wedding song: Umbrellas by Sleeping at Last.

I do not have the pictures of our reception on this computer...but that's okay, because I really liked the ceremony better! 

One of my favorite aspects of Tom and I's friendship, and then our courtship, was the music that traced the narrative arc of our relationship. As friends, we passed burned CDs back and forth - "check out this band" and "I love this composer." We so enjoyed sharing what we had discovered. And when our friendship deepened into romantic love, he shared with me a mixed CD I will never forget - the CD we listened to the entire summer of 2009. Each song means so much to me, but Umbrellas had a prophetic call for us both - especially the line about "we'll bring a child into this world." It spoke of all we wanted for our love - to bear witness to the beauty of each other's lives, and for that love to overflow into another person.

And it did. 

PS: Dyed my hair red. 
Guess I really am panicking over my last year in my twenties (I turn 29 on Sunday). 

Just call me 'Red.'


  1. You make a cute red-head! I'm turning 29 next month too...

    1. Thanks! Wanna join me as a redhead?? ;)

  2. Shouldn't it be noted that Tom also sang and recorded his own version of your song that played at the reception?!

    Yup, still love the hair.

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