Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Rogers Family Christmas

This is Christmas with the Rogers (I was a Rogers, before I became Mrs. Oram). 

We are having Christmas at Kim's house. Kim is my oldest sister, and she loves Christmas.

Kim has two lovely children: Jake and Maddie (and of course a smoking husband, Eric, co-creator of said lovely children). I became an aunt to them when I was just nine.

We have gathered to EAT, drink, and make merry (not in that order), around Kim's huge Christmas tree.

Usually we watch Christmas movies, play Skip-Bo, and giving each other a hard time. But this year we have a new past time: giving new nicknames to the Zuzu. So far we've come up with...

Little Mama 

Little Pretty 
Little Sweetheart
Pooty Poot-well 
Little Peanut 

Can you blame us?

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  1. And... Babes, Sweets, Muffin-butts (why? I don't know, but I have called her that A LOT), Lovey, and any other cutesy name, really. I MISS HER SO MUCH!!!! And, you of course. Love you.


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